William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain

View of wildflowers and mountains at William F. Hayden Park at Green Mountain.

With more than 2,400 acres of open space, William Frederick Hayden Park on Green Mountain is the second largest park in Lakewood. The park features a challenging network of multi-use trails. The 6,800 ft. summit of Green Mountain Trail offers unique and stunning views of the Denver metropolitan area to the east and high mountain peaks to the west.

Since 1972, the majority of William Frederick Hayden Park was donated by or purchased from the Hayden Family. Once home to the buffalo, this park now provides rich habitat for a diverse array of wildlife, including coyotes, hawks, rattlesnakes, bluebirds, rabbit, mule deer and an occasional mountain lion.

Information on Historical Munitions


Pieces of spent artillery shells from prior to World War II have been found in the park, and this indicates a potential that unexploded pieces of artillery could be in the park.

For your safety:

·Recognize that old artillery shells or military munitions could resemble a baseball, a pointed pipe, a soda can, a muffler or other metal objects.

·Retreat from the item - DO NOT TOUCH, MOVE OR DISTURB IT. Immediately leave the area following the same path used to enter the area.

·Report the item by calling 911.

For additional Information:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: (303) 692-3304    www.cdphe.state.co.us

City of Lakewood: (303) 697-6154

For more information on Camp George West & Green Mountain, visit: https://cdphe.colorado.gov/camp-george-west-green-mountain


Trail Conditions

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Trail List

Green Mountain Trail (6.6 mile loop)

Features a challenging ascent to the park's highest point as well as a mellow section along the base of the park that is great for beginner hikers, runners and mountain bikers. Please note that a portion of this trail follows the park service road that accesses the radio towers.

Hayden Trail (1.6 miles)

Accessed from the Utah Trailhead, this trail switchbacks up the south side of the mountain and connects with the Green Mountain Trail. Several loop options are possible. It is a slightly easier route to the summit than the Green Mountain Trail.

Summit Loop Trail (2.75 miles)

A very scenic trail around a portion of the park's summit. Including exceptional views to the north. This is also the access trail for Box-o-Rox.

Rooney Valley Trail (3.8 miles)

A challenging single track trail that offers a sense of solitude and remoteness.

Box-o-Rox Trail (2.1 miles)

Another challenging single track trail considered a favorite of local mountain bikers. This trail includes a lower section that offers more technical terrain than other park trails, and includes challenging rock section with alternate lines.

North Access Trail (2 miles)

This trail is accessed from Indiana Avenue and accesses the summit from the north side of the park.

Narrow Point Trail (1.2 miles)

This trail runs from the intersection of S. Alkire St. and W. Cedar Dr. and connects to the North Access Trail.

Trail Use Guidelines

Please help protect park resources by remaining on designated trails only. Avoid using wet or muddy trails; the trails tend to dry earlier than many of the foothills parks, making the park a fantastic winter destination.

Proper yielding guidelines:

  • Cyclists yield to ALL other trail users. Slow to a safe speed to pass. Make calm and friendly verbal contact prior to passing. Dismount for equestrians.
  • Pedestrians should avoid blocking the trail. Yield to equestrians.
  • All users must keep dogs on a leash at all times. Be courteous, communicate and listen. The trails are for everyone!

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