Carmody Pickleball Court


Six outdoor pickleball courts are located adjacent to Carmody Recreation Center. Four courts are open on a first come, first served basis with two courts available for reservation. Carmody staff will pad lock the gates at the end of the day and unlock them in the morning.

Due to precipitation and cold weather, the courts may remain closed for safety. When this occurs, courts will be checked hourly for safe play. Please call the front desk at Carmody at 720-963-5360 for updates.

General Information

  • All skill levels are welcome.
  • All players must provide their own paddles and balls.
  • Properly remove and dispose of your trash.
  • Recreational activities other than pickleball are prohibited.
  • No animals of any kind are permitted inside the fences pickleball courts.
  • Courts are for personal play only. Use of courts for business purposes including paid instruction, private instruction, tournaments, leagues and events are prohibited. 
  • Push the button adjacent to the courts to activate the lights. A strobe will flash 1-minute before lights turn off. Push the button again to activate the lights for continued play.
  • No chairs, tables, glass containers or other outsides items are permitted on the court surface.
  • Courts are slippery when wet.
  • Gates to pickleball courts will remain locked when courts are snow-covered. Shoveling of snow is prohibited as it damages the court surface. 

Play Rules

  • Players are expected to observe proper pickleball etiquette, demonstrate courtesy and exercise self-discipline at all times.
  • Please limit cell phone use as to not disturb others.
  • Courts 1 and 2 are reservable in 1-hour time blocks starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 8 p.m.
  • Courts 3 through 6 are available as drop-in courts only and are first come, first serve.
  • Play rotation takes effect once courts are full and any number of players are waiting.
  • Waiting players secure their spot by placing their paddle into the paddle holder at the court of desired play. 
  • Once a paddle is in the holder a 1-game maximum play goes into effect for existing players.
  • Existing players should finish their current game to 11 points, then waiting players rotate in.



Check out an instructional video for how to create an account and register online in our new system. If you need assistance registering online, call the City of Lakewood’s Community Resources front desk Mondays through Fridays, 8a.m. to 4 p.m. at (303) 987-7800.

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