Bonfils-Stanton Park

Bonfils Stanton Park playground

This linear park situated along Kentucky Avenue boasts a small playground and walking path.

The park was named after the Bonfils family, who left a big legacy in the Denver and Lakewood region. Dr. Tom Noel of History Colorado states, "Denver would never be the same after Frederick Gilmer Bonfils and his partner, Harry Heye Tammen, captivated and enthralled readers with big headlines, red ink, photographs, and sensational stories in The Denver Post. Fred Bonfils took an early interest in the neighboring town of Lakewood, where his daughter May would one day build her Belmar Mansion."

The Belmar Mansion gates can still be viewed near the Lakewood Heritage Center and Belmar Park.


6800 W. Kentucky Ave., Lakewood, CO 80226  View Map

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