Boat Inspections

To help prevent the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species, inspections are required for all motorized boats, sailboats and fishing boats prior to launching on Bear Creek Reservoir or Big Soda Lake. View boating guidelines and launch hours.

Inspection Program Details

Boat inspection requirements are strictly enforced.

Boats requiring an ANS inspection include motorboats (use of an electric trolling motor on any watercraft also will require an inspection) and sailboats.

Inspections are not required for boats exempted by the State of Colorado, including non-motorized canoes, kayaks, rafts, paddleboards, windsurfers or belly boats.

  • The inspection station is located at the Whitetail parking lot on the way to Bear Creek Reservoir.
  • Boats must be cleaned, drained and dried prior to arriving at the inspection station.
  • Inspections should typically take a few minutes unless the inspector feels that a more thorough check is needed.
  • Boats with suspected ANS will not be allowed to launch and will be decontaminated.
  • Lakewood recognizes and participates in the state green-tagging system. This will help to speed up the process; however a brief inspection will be required. Green tags are available to boaters exiting the park that have cleaned and drained their boats. No other colored tags will be accepted.

Please remember to clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment every time you remove them from a body of water.