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We're open!

Lakewood Rides is currently open and offering transportation for medical, nutritional, banking and post office needs. Strict health code guidelines have been implemented to ensure the safety of our riders. Call 303-987-4826 to request a ride.

Lakewood Rides offers door-through-door transportation for Lakewood residents 60 years of age or better and those with disabilities of any age. We provide transportation for grocery shopping, Volunteers of America (VOA) dining sites, medical appointments and various personal needs. 

Additionally, while the VOA dining site at Clements Community Center is temporarily closed, meals will be delivered upon request to Lakewood residents who are currently registered for the meal program and Lakewood Rides. Call 303-987-4833 to request a meal.

How to Utilize Lakewood Rides

Complete a Lakewood Rides intake form.

All individuals age 59 and younger must also complete a verification form.



Demand/response transportation includes independently scheduled trips for medical appointments, employment, adult day programs, social visits, and personal needs. These trips are individually scheduled and are on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • $3 each way ($6 round trip) when your destination is within the Lakewood city limits.
  • $4 each way ($8 round trip) when your destination is outside the Lakewood city limits.

Low-Income Fare

A half-price fare (excluding group trips) is available to those with monthly income below $1,011 individual or $1,371 couple.
Proof of income may consist of one of the following:

  • A Social Security Award Letter.
  • A tax return for the most recent year.
  • Pay stubs for the most recent month.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Award Letter.
  • Unemployment Award Letter.
  • Current letter from Homeless Shelter or Support Services.

To receive this reduced fare, attach proof to your online application or send it in the following ways:
Fax: 303-987-4841
Mail or drop-off: Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow Street, Lakewood

Grocery Shopping

Group grocery shopping trips are offered each week. Residents are picked up in their area on a designated day of the week and taken to the local King Soopers.


$1.50 each way/$3 round trip (reduced fare not available).

Group Grocery Trip Guidelines

To keep our trips safe and efficient and also allow drivers to assist all shoppers with their grocery needs, please follow these guidelines. 

  • Only six (6) plastic grocery store bags per shopper are allowed. Canvas bags may be used if their size is equivalent to that of the regular

    plastic bags. Larger bags become very heavy when filled and can be unsafe due to weight.

  • Be sure that all purchases fit into the six (6) bags. Example: one 24-pack of water is equal to one bag.

  • Limit your large-item purchases so that no single item exceeds 20 lbs. Example: pet food.

  • Total weight per grocery bag should not exceed 20 lbs. For reference, a gallon jug of milk weighs approximately nine (9) lbs. One two-liter bottle of soda weighs approximately five (5) lbs.

  • Please note that the driver cannot carry items such as large plants, Christmas trees and furniture.

  • Drivers are discouraged from going into anyone’s home and will place your groceries inside your door.

  • 24 hours' notice is advised to be added to the grocery pick up schedule.

Thank you for your participation in the Lakewood Rides Program and your help with the grocery trips.

Dining Site Trips

Lakewood Rides provides group trips to residents of Lakewood for Volunteers of America dining sites located within the Lakewood Rides destination boundaries. 

The City of Lakewood hosts a popular and active Volunteers of America lunch site at Clements Community Center. 

Clements Lunch Program

Discrimination Complaint Procedure

View a printable copy(PDF, 78KB) of the complaint procedure.

Any person who believes she or he has been discriminated against based on race, color, or national origin by the City of Lakewood’s (COL) Lakewood Rides Program may file a Title VI complaint by completing and submitting the Title VI Complaint Form.

The COL’s Lakewood Rides Program investigates complaints received no more than one hundred and eighty (180) days after the alleged incident. The COL’s Lakewood Rides Program will process complaints that are complete.

Once the complaint is received, the Older Adult and Transportation Supervisor and the Family Services Manager will review the complaint to determine if our office has jurisdiction. The complainant will receive an acknowledgement of the letter informing her/him whether the complaint will be investigated by our office. The assigned staff has ten (10) days to investigate the complaint.

If more information is needed to resolve the case, the complainant will be contacted. The complainant has five (5) business days from the date of the contact to send requested information to the investigator assigned to the case. If the investigator is not contacted by the complainant or does not receive the additional information within five (5) business days, the investigator can administratively close the case. A case can also be administratively closed if the complainant no longer wishes to pursue their case.

After the investigator reviews the complaint, she/he will issue one of two letters to the complainant: a closure letter or a letter of finding (LOF). A closure letter summarizes the allegations and states that there was not a Title VI violation and that the case will be closed. An LOF summarizes the allegations and the interviews regarding the alleged incident, and explains whether any disciplinary action, additional training of the staff member or other action will occur. If the complainant wishes to appeal the decision, she/he has 15 days after the date of the closure letter or the LOF, to do so. 

Notice to the Public of Rights Under Title VI

View a printable copy of this notice in English(PDF, 102KB) and Spanish(PDF, 96KB).

The City of Lakewood – Lakewood Rides Program operates the program and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with the Older Adult and Transportation Supervisor. 

For more information on the City of Lakewood-Lakewood Rides Program’s civil rights plan, and the procedures to file a complaint please contact or visit: 

Dawn Sluder 
Older Adult and Transportation Supervisor 
1580 Yarrow Street 
Lakewood, CO 80214 
Phone: 303-987-4832 (TTY: 303-987-4840)

To Submit a Complaint

To submit a Title VI complaint online, please fill out and submit a Title VI Complaint Form.

View a printable version of this form in English(PDF, 15KB) and Spanish(PDF, 16KB).

You may also file a complaint directly at the following locations:

City of Lakewood
Risk Management 

480 South Allison Pkwy 
Lakewood, Colorado 80226 
Phone: 303-987-7129

Colorado Department of Transportation 
Civil Rights & Business Resource Center 

4201 East Arkansas Ave., Room 150 
Denver, CO 80222 
Phone: 1-800-925-3427 
Fax: 303-952-7088  

If information is needed in another language, contact 303-987-4832.
Si información es necesaria en otro idioma, contacte 303-987-4832.  

Additional transportation resources for older adults in the community include the following: