Lakewood Responds to National Protests


 Letter from Mayor Adam Paul:

This has been one of the most challenging times that I have had in my tenure as mayor. As a leader, I feel that I must have an answer or a response to just about everything. This time I don’t. This time I am trying to listen, trying to learn and trying to understand. When Mr. George Floyd was murdered right in front of our eyes, I was horrified, angry and stunned. In a message to the Lakewood Police Department, Police Chief Dan McCasky said, “The death of George Floyd was outrageous, inexcusable, and appalling.” ... Read the complete letter(PDF, 131KB)


Message from Police Chief Dan McCasky:



A Conversation About Policing

Lakewood City Manager Kathy Hodgson sits down with Lakewood Police Chief Dan McCasky to discuss the current climate surrounding policing and the role that the Lakewood Police Department plays in our community.