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UPDATE: Census takers begin visiting Lakewood homes JULY 30

U.S. Census Bureau workers will begin knocking on doors in Lakewood at homes that have not already responded to the 2020 Census, in order to complete this vital national count. 

  • It's not too late! You can still respond online, or by phone or by mail. Answer today, save a visit by census takers to your home, and save taxpayer dollars too!
  • Census takers will have official photo ID badges, and wear face masks for COVID-19 safety. 

See more details(PDF, 718KB) about multiple census home visits July 30 - Oct. 31, and examples of ID badges.

Vea más detalles(PDF, 673KB) sobre las visitas domiciliarias del censo múltiple del 30 de julio al 31 de octubre y ejemplos de credenciales de identificación.


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Or respond by phone or by mail


Equal Representation

It’s your Constitutional right to be counted for fair representation in Congress, and an accurate count affects your representation in local government, too.

Better Community

Census data helps build our future. New roads, businesses, schools, emergency services and more depend on a complete count of residents.

Fair Funding

Census data determines the flow of millions of dollars of funding into the community to pay for needed programs and services. An accurate count of all residents ensures we receive our fair share.

By law, your personal census data cannot be released to any other government or law enforcement agencies.

Interactive map: See how Lakewood is responding 
Thousands have already responded - help Lakewood get to 100%! Check the map and see how your neighborhood is doing!

Frequently Asked Question: 
Why is my address listed in Denver on my Census form, when I really live in Lakewood? Am I going to be counted as part of Denver?" 

Good news: Lakewood residents do not need to worry about correcting the city in their address when responding to the 2020 Census.

This happens because parts of Lakewood share zip codes with adjacent cities where the actual post office is located -- but Denver and other cities that share zip codes with Lakewood will not be poaching extra residents from Lakewood! Census results will not be affected. Census results are tied to specific street addresses. When people are counted, their information is tied to the specific address and the census tract in which they reside, and so will be tabulated within the proper city limits. The zip codes are used only for mailing out the census packets and to indicate which post offices serve that specific address.

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