Lakewood Advisory Commission Executive Committee

Three officers and the chairpersons of the four committees meet:

*As Needed, First Wednesdays of the month*
6:00 P.M.
Until Further Notice, LAC will be meeting virtually via Zoom


Kate McBride, Chair (Term ends: 12/31/2023)
Kip Kolkmeier, Vice Chair (Term ends: 12/31/2023)
Marie Venner, Secretary (Term ends: 12/31/2024)
Glenn Weadock, Sustainability Chair (Term ends: 12/31/2024)
Floy Jeffares, Neighborhoods Chair (Term ends: 12/31/2024)
Karen Morgan, Civic Awareness Chair (Term ends: 12/31/2025)
Fernando Rocha, Diversity Committee Chair (Term ends:12/31/2023)