Campaign, Council, and Committee Reports

Campaign Forms and Submitted Reports

Candidates and organizations seeking to participate in an election in the city of Lakewood must be registered with the City Clerk's Office and must file campaign finance forms and reports by required deadlines.

Access the latest submitted campaign reports, candidate affidavits, and committee registrations.

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Candidate Affidavit

Any person that has publicly announced an intention to seek election to public office, OR has received a contribution, OR has made an expenditure in support of the candidacy, is a candidate.

Once you become a candidate for public office, you must file a candidate affidavit.
Candidate Affidavit Form(PDF, 127KB)
Within 10 days after an individual becomes a candidate and before circulating any petition, such individual shall certify, by affidavit filed with the City Clerk, that the candidate is familiar with the provisions of Chapter 2.54 of the Lakewood Municipal Code.

Committee Registration

A candidate committee is a person, including the candidate, or persons with the common purpose of receiving contributions or making expenditures under the authority of a candidate. A contribution to a candidate shall be deemed a contribution to the candidate’s candidate committee. A candidate shall have only one candidate committee. A candidate committee shall be considered open and active until affirmatively closed by the candidate or by action of the City Clerk. All candidate committees shall register with the City Clerk within ten days after accepting any contribution or making any expenditure.
Committee Registration Form(PDF, 100KB)
This form can be used for 527 Political Committees, Candidate Committees, Independent Expenditure Committees, Issue Committees, Political Committees and a Small Donor Committee, as defined in Lakewood Municipal Code Title 2, Chapter 2.54, titled Campaign and Political Finance in Municipal Elections.