City Codes & Laws

City Charter

Lakewood's City Charter(PDF, 212KB) establishes the legal right of the City to function as a home rule municipality.  The original charter was adopted on Nov. 1, 1983, and since has been amended by Lakewood voters.

Municipal Code

As the body of laws that govern the city, the Municipal Code is updated frequently as City Council adopts new laws (ordinances) and updates old ones.

Online Municipal Code

Use the online version of the Municipal Code, hosted by Municode Library, to:

  • search titles and chapters of the code.
  • download and print portions of the code you are interested in.
  • share links to sections of the code using email and social media.

Please Note:

  • Title 17, the Zoning Ordinance, is not currently available on the Municode Library.  Please visit our Zoning page for information and the full Zoning Ordinance.
  • The online Municipal Code is updated frequently but may take some time to reflect the very latest ordinances passed by City Council.

City Council Policies & Procedures Manual

Some sections referenced in the Charter are also governed by the City Council Policies and Procedures Manual(PDF, 428KB).