Commercial Waste Hauler License & Provider List

A Commercial Waste Hauler License allows the applicant to operate pickup and hauling activities in the City of Lakewood, Colorado.

View the list of Licensed Commercial Waste Haulers(PDF, 129KB)

Application Process

Step 1.Determine if you need a license

Are you a civic, community, benevolent or charitable non-profit organization that collects, transports and markets materials for resource recovery solely for the purpose of raising funds for a civic, benevolent, or charitable activity?

Are you a person who transports waste or recyclable materials produced by such person?

Are you a property owner or agent thereof who transports waste or recyclable materials left by a tenant upon such owner's property, so long as such property owner does not provide waste collection service for compensation for tenants on a regular or continuing bases?

A demolition or construction contractor or landscaper who produces and transports waste in the course of such occupation, where the waste produced is merely incidental to the particular demolition or construction work being performed by such person?

If NO to all the above questions, then a Commercial Waste Hauler License is REQUIRED.
If YES to any one of the questions, then a license is not required.

Step 2.Have a digital copy of your current insurance paperwork available

  • Current Certificate of Liability with the City of Lakewood as a named insured

Step 3.Make the payment of $50

We'll notify you within 10 business days if approved.

We will send a copy of your license to you, if approved, within 10 business days. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance.