Rich Olver

Ward 4


First elected: November 2021
Term: November 2021-November 2025

2024 Council Assignments

  • Judges Salary Committee
  • Lakewood Reinvestment Authority Board
  • Police Seizure Fund Committee
  • Sister Cities Program
  • Campaign Finance Ad Hoc Committee
  • Learn more about Council committees

Monthly Ward Meetings

Visit with Ward 4 City Council members Barb Franks and Rich Olver in an informal setting, share ideas and concerns and learn more about your community.

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How long have you lived in Lakewood? 
I moved into an apartment behind the King Soopers at Alameda and Union in 1980. Since then I've bounced around Lakewood and even Denver.   I've lived in my current home on Green Mountain for the past 23 years.

What motivated you to enter public service?
My first answer is to push for more dog parks (we only have one for all of Lakewood), but the reality is that I've lived here for over 40 years, living large and taking advantage of everything Lakewood has to offer - I thought it was time to repay the debt that I've incurred in doing so. Some people call that Giving Back, but that's so cliche.

What issues are you most passionate about?
More dog parks!  Sounds trivia right? But I don't know if 1 of 10 City Councilors can actually effect anything. So I believe it's best to start small, and push until something falls over.  Bottom line is that if I can't effect something as trivia as adding more dog parks to Lakewood, then how could I expect to have an effect on the larger issues like Bicycle Safety, and Smart Growth.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
I road bicycle. There's actually few roads that I haven't ridden many times in Lakewood - and all of them in Ward 4 - literally. In the spring and fall I'll stay on the 'flats', but in summer it's climbing season, so up into the foothills I go.  I have a goal of riding from my house to the top of Mt. Evans and back one day.  I haven't made it yet - weather has turned me around more than once.

What is your professional and/or educational background?
I have a Masters of Geophysics and a BS in Geology.  I worked in the Oil & Gas Exploration Industry since 1980.

Any other personal insights you'd like to share? 
Here's a good motto: Do what you think is best until you know better. When you know better - do better.