Museum Tour Guide Volunteer

Ongoing Applications

  • Volunteer TypeHeritage, Culture & Arts

Museum Tour Guide volunteers provide walking tours of Heritage Lakewood's historic buildings to visitors of all ages, presenting history of those buildings in an informative and engaging manner. The Tour Guide Volunteers also provide a variety of school age educational programs as needed. 

A guide and group walk through Heritage Center grounds.

Volunteer Job Description

Community Resources
Heritage, Culture and the Arts
Museum Tour Guide

Committee Purpose

The Tour Guide Committee’s primary purpose is to educate visitors about the history of Lakewood during the 20th Century.  


The committee volunteers are responsible for providing historical facts tours of historic buildings to visitors of all ages, presenting history of those buildings in an informative and engaging manner, and helping the public understand the importance of the preservation of artifacts and history. 


A background check is required for this position. The volunteer must be able to prove the following ability to:

  • Effectively complete job assignments despite changing priorities.
  • Memorize historical facts.
  • Work with visitors of all ages and abilities.
  • Stand and walk for approximately one hour at a time.
  • Use vision to work with artifacts and handwritten items.
  • Use basic addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement for this committee is 18.


Tours are random. Mainly tours are scheduled Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Tour guides are also used during special events when the building are open to the public.


Training will be provided by the Museum Curator in several sessions over the year. The session will last approximately two hours. In addition, each new volunteer will be scheduled for two or more shadowing shifts during which the new volunteer will follow a veteran volunteer and learn the positions' responsibilities. This can include school presentations or the general walking tour. After completing the training session and shadow shifts, the Museum Curator will determine if volunteer is capable of working in this committee or should be reassigned.

Dress Code

Khaki pants, volunteer t-shirt and comfortable shoes. If the volunteer does not have a volunteer t-shirt, one will be provided upon arrival.

Work Environment

Indoor/Outdoor – This committee participates year-round. The changing Colorado weather is a strong factor.

Punctuality and Absenteeism

If the volunteer is going to be late or miss a scheduled assignment, they must contact the committee leadership or volunteer coordinator prior to their shift.