Heritage Lakewood Gardener Volunteer

Ongoing Applications

  • Volunteer TypeHeritage, Culture & Arts

The volunteer gardeners are responsible for assisting with weeding, fertilizing, watering, planting and fall cleanup. The gardeners at the Heritage Lakewood focus on making an accurate reproduction of historic flower and vegetable gardens. An interview is required for this position.

A volunteer gardens at the Heritage Center.

Volunteer Job Description

Community Resources
Heritage, Culture and the Arts

Committee Purpose

The gardening committee’s primary purpose is to create an accurate reproduction of historical flower and vegetable gardens, while supporting the beautification of Lakewood’s Heritage Center. 


The committee volunteers are responsible for assisting with weeding, fertilizing, watering, planting, raking, springtime preparation and fall cleanup. 



Age Requirement

Minimum age is 15.


Volunteer gardeners meet every Tuesday from 8-10 a.m. during planting season from May-October. 


Training will be provided during the first scheduled day by a committee leadership member.

Dress Code

It is highly recommended volunteers wear old clothing and comfortable work shoes. In addition,  please protect skin by wearing a hat and clothing that covers arms and legs. 

Work Environment

Outdoor – Gardening takes place during the summer months. Heat, sun and wind are factors in this placement. Sunscreen and hat is recommended. 

Punctuality and Absenteeism

This committee does not have a punctuality and absenteeism policy because the volunteer has no interaction with residents, visitors or community.

Weather Policy

If the weather should require us to cancel gardening activities, we will notify everyone by email.