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Lakewood launches free citywide cleanup

Clear out, reuse, recycle
Lakewood launches free citywide cleanup
in partnership with arc Thrift Stores

Residents will have the opportunity to clear out unwanted appliances and other items from their homes and get those items reused or recycled during Lakewood’s free citywide Cleanup Days on Saturday, Oct. 12 and Oct. 19 at 1655 Owens St. in front of the former Target store on West Colfax Avenue.

Lakewood residents living north of West Alameda Avenue can bring appliances, computers, even engines and car parts to the cleanup on Saturday, Oct. 12, and residents living south of West Alameda Avenue can bring their items on Saturday, Oct. 19. No yard waste or regular household trash will be accepted. Proof of Lakewood residency is required, but there is no cost to drop off acceptable items. For a complete list of items that will be accepted during the cleanup, please visit or call 303-987-7193.

Lakewood-based arc Thrift Stores, where every day is Earth Day, diverts more than 39 million pounds of household and other items annually from landfills, allowing those items to be reused or recycled. Items received during Lakewood’s Cleanup Days will be sold in arc Thrift stores, which provide funds for programs for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Jefferson County where the stores were founded. Other items such as unusable electronics, batteries and televisions will be recycled. Metal will be stripped from objects for reuse, and cloth items will be shipped to countries in need. The partnership with arc Thrift Stores matches its recycling expertise with residents’ desire to clean up their properties, providing a benefit to the city and at the same time contributing resources to support arc’ clients.
Posted on: Tuesday, August 27, 2013