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Mayor to lead regional effort on housing, transportation

Mayor Adam Paul will lead the Metro Mayors Caucus this year in its efforts to address housing and transportation issues, which are the most pressing concerns facing the region in 2019.

The Metro Mayors Caucus includes 40 mayors from the Denver area, and during its recent annual planning session the caucus named Mayor Paul as chairman of the organization. The mayors also identified transportation and housing as their priority for the year.

“Housing and transportation problems aren’t easy to solve, and they affect the lives of our residents every day,” Paul said. “I’m honored and energized to serve as chairman of this important organization that can lead the way in tackling these issues.”

The Metro Mayors Caucus was formed in 1993 to provide a forum where metropolitan leaders could effectively address a variety of regional problems. Today, it is known throughout the United State for its role in promoting the Denver region’s nationally recognized culture of collaboration.
Posted on: Tuesday, February 05, 2019