The Sewer System: A Shared Responsibility

The City of Lakewood's Public Works Department safeguards the public sewer mains serving about 8,000 customers in north Lakewood. Other parts of Lakewood are served by a variety of service providers -- enter your address in My Neighborhood to find your sewer provider.

Half the sewer system is privately owned lateral lines, which are the cause of many sewage backups. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the entire length of their lateral line from their home or business to where it meets the sewer main under the street. Below are some best practices to prevent sewage backups.

Download a graphic illustration(PDF, 641KB) of the information below.

Property Owner's Responsibility plumbing-pipes-graphic.jpg

Lateral Line

Connects your home to the sewer main line by gravity flow. Some buildings require pumps to lift wastewater to the public sewer system. The property owner's responsibility for the lateral line extends beyond the property line to where the lateral line meets the sewer main. The lateral line should include a:

  • Backflow prevention device: A valve that clamps shut to protect your home against sewage backups. The device is an industry best practice and is required by Colorado Plumbing Code for some properties.
  • Sewer relief valve (SRV) and cleanout: If a sewer main blockage happens, this device diverts wastewater into your yard so it doesn't back up into your home. Check it regularly, especially after storms, to ensure it's operating and clear of obstructions.


Flush ONLY toilet paper and human waste! Do not flush anything else, including “flushable” wipes, hair, dental floss, cat litter, medications, feminine products and household hazardous waste. (Wastewater plants don’t remove medications, so they end up in the river!)


Never put egg shells, coffee grounds, fat or grease down your garbage disposal. They form a cement-like substance that can clog your line.

Hazardous Household Waste

It is illegal to put these items in the garbage or down any drain or toilet: Paint/solvents, cleaning products, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides or fertilizers. Please visit to learn more about proper disposal of your hazardous household waste.

Roof Drain (Gutters)

Never connect the roof drain to the sewer.

Sump Pump

Never connect a sump pump to the sewer.

City's Responsibility Sewer-pipe-graphic.jpg

Sewer Main

Pipeline to treatment plan.


Provide Public Works access to the sewer system.

More Information

We're here for you - day or night!

If sewer water is backing up in your home or yard it is an emergency— don’t hesitate to call us for an immediate inspection of the City-owned sewer main  Our friendly, professional crew is on call 24 hours a day, every day and can tell you if the problem is in the main line (our responsibility) or the lateral line (your responsibility).

NOTE: Phone numbers and links below are for customers served by the City of Lakewood sewer utility in north Lakewood. Other areas in Lakewood have different service providers -- enter your address in My Neighborhood to find your sewer provider.

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