Overlay Program

  • Project typeOverlay Program
  • Project scheduleJune - August 2020
  • Contractor nameMartin Marietta
  • Completion DateAugust 31, 2020
Rollers being used to smooth the street.


Before construction begins on your streets No Parking signs will be placed 24-48 hours in advanced with information on what times to be off the streets while the City performs work on them.

We understand in some situations it may be difficult to find adequate parking but please avoid parking on the streets from 7am-7pm. Any cars parked in the street after 24 hours of the placement of the sign and during construction will be short towed at the City’s expense. All tows are reported to the City of Lakewood Police Department and typically only far enough to be out of the way of construction.

Construction will begin with the rotomilling of your street. Once your street has been rotomilled you will be allowed to park on the streets until paving begins.

After the streets have been rotomilled a patching crew will perform work on failed sections of asphalt determined by the city inspector. These sections will be marked off in white paint. Please be mindful of these locations and please avoid parking within 10’ of any section of asphalt marked off by white paint. If you are parked in a section marked off for repair the same guidelines as above will be followed and your vehicle will be short towed at the City’s expense.

Once rotomilling and patching has been completed the contractor will begin paving the road with fresh asphalt. During this time, you may experience a short period of time where you may not be able to access parking in front of your home. Please be mindful of where you are driving and parking at this time, so we can insure a superior pavement. Defects made at this time result in costly yearly repairs and further disruption to the public.

During the paving process please be mindful of all traffic control and traffic safety measures. Follow the guidance of traffic control and flaggers on site to insure a superior product. Traffic control is designed to keep you as well as the construction crew safe during the project.

Once traffic control has been removed in your area or you have been directed that it is safe to travel on the road by a member of the project you will be free to use the street as you normally would.

Thank you for your time and patience. We understand this process can cause an inconvenience but with your help we can complete construction in a timely and efficient manner.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the project, please feel free to contact our construction inspector.

During this process streets will continue to remain available to all emergency services.

2020 Overlay Resurfacing Map(PDF, 2MB)