HA5 Road Surface Preservation

  • Project typeHA5
  • Project scheduleJune - August 2020
  • Contractor nameAndale Construction Inc.
  • Completion DateAugust 31, 2020




What can I expect?

The city's contractor will be putting down a surface treatment called HA5. During the cure time, PLEASE STAY OFF OF THE ASPHALT SURFACES, and follow the proper foot traffic signs put out by the contractor.

During this cure time there will be no parking on the streets or access to driveways. There will be designated areas for parking with a provided shuttle for transportation. Once barricades have been removed the following day, normal traffic over asphalt surfaces may resume.  The City does realize that this product takes 24 hours to cure and as a result will inconvenience your daily routine.

We understand that this product is a major inconvenience, but we are also here to help. Our contractor is available 24/7 to assist with any needs to insure you have access to your home, vehicle, help with groceries, and anything else you may need assistance with.

What is HA5?

HA5 Is a High Density Mineral Bond surface treatment that is applied to extend the life of the asphalt roadway by resisting oxidative deterioration. This product creates a new wear surface that helps reduce the oxidation of the roadway as well as help in the prevention of thermal and reflective cracking. HA5 also contains a protective barrier from ultraviolet rays which accelerate pavement deterioration.

On the surface it will look almost like a black paint, but this product has strong binding minerals to prevent from pulling off of the asphalt surface as well as provide a strong protective surface. This product is commonly mistaken for a new pavement surface. This product is a spray application that includes the same kind of asphalt emulsion found in asphalt, giving it the black color as a new mill and overlay. 

Why HA5?

The cost of milling and re-paving a road is very costly. The City of Lakewood strives to maintain our roadways for as long as possible to save you money. The City is involved in several surface treatments such as crack sealing and surface rejuvenators. In conjunction with HA5 we can push the life expectancy of our roads even further; reducing the cost of replacing roads and providing superior road conditions for your travel needs.

There are many things that we love about this product. It began with a small test strip outside of our office to see how well the product held up against the elements. This was an ideal space to test this product as it sees high volumes of heavy construction traffic as well as a test space for our snow plows and the material used during snow events.

This product has a 5-year warranty period and has been proven in other states with similar weather conditions as ours to last 8 to 13 years. With this product we will be able to extend the life of our roads longer to minimize disturbance to the public as well as reduce cost in maintaining our roads.

If you have any questions about the project or concerns that you need addressed, please contact our contractor first.  Our construction inspector is always available to address any concerns the contractor can not take care of.

 During this process streets will continue to remain available to all emergency services.

 2020 HA5 Resurfacing Map(PDF, 2MB)