Crack Seal Program

  • Project typeCrack Seal Program
  • Project scheduleFebruary 2020- June 2020 and August 2020 - October 2020
  • Contractor nameCoatings Inc.






What Can I Expect?

The crack filling process is very simple. Typically, you will see two vehicles from our contractor; one with an air lance, and one with the kettle. The contractor will first blow out all cracks in front of the kettle and then the following crew will fill in those cracks with crack fill material. Please do not touch this material as it comes out at roughly 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on ambient temperature this material takes several minutes to cool enough to adhere to the road. Please follow all traffic control and flaggers to ensure a superior product and to avoid any crack fill sticking to your vehicle or yourself. Please keep pets off fresh crack fill material. 

Due to crack fill’s low impact on traffic we do not require No Parking signs to be placed during the crack fill process. However please be aware that streets heavily lined with traffic may be required to have No Parking signs placed in order to thoroughly complete the street. In the event that No Parking signs have been placed, it is required that signs be placed 24 hours before work begins. If a vehicle is parked in a no parking zone the vehicle will be towed at the City’s expense. Towed vehicles are only “short towed” meaning just outside of the construction zone. All towed vehicles are reported to the City of Lakewood Police Department.

What Is Crack Sealing?

In an effort to preserve your asphalt roads longer, the City of Lakewood applies a yearly crack fill material on your streets. Based on pre-determined schedules from the last Mill and Overlay a street will be crack filled every 3 to 4 years until the end of its life cycle. This process is a cheap and effective way of extending the life of our asphalt roads. Because of Colorado’s extreme weather swings one of the most destructive forces on asphalt is our freeze and thaw cycles. When the asphalt eventually starts to crack water will intrude into the cracks and freeze causing further damage to the street. By applying crack fill we can minimize this effect on our asphalt roads. 

If you have any issues with debris from the air lance on your property or crack fill material sticking to your vehicle please call the Contractor and they can resolve this issue for you. If you have any further questions about crack fill or its process please feel free to contact our city inspector.

During this process streets will continue to remain available to all emergency services.