Lakewood planner presenting at a public meeting.

Welcome to the Lakewood Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for all current and future planning and zoning to manage growth and development in the city of Lakewood. The Planning Department consists of three divisions which are Comprehensive Planning, Development Assistance, and Sustainability. The Planning Department works closely with other city departments to facilitate appropriate land development that respects the character of Lakewood's many unique neighborhoods, provides for a healthy economic base and enhances the quality of life in our community. 

Learn more about our coordinated Planning and Development Assistance process by contacting our Planner of the Day.

Proposed Development at 777 S. Yarrow St.

Frequently Asked Questions

These forms and handouts are used for various land development processes in the City of Lakewood. More information about the formal land development process in Lakewood can be found on the Property Development Information page.

Contact the Planner of the Day to discuss your project. For larger projects, waivers, or variances, you will need to meet with staff before you submit an application.

Development Applications

For those seeking to start the development process.

Zoning Review Forms

Find zoning review forms.

Development Handouts 

View development process handouts.

Urban Agriculture Handouts

View urban agriculture handouts.

Plants, Trees, and Shrub Information

View plants, trees and shrubs handouts.

Planning Fees

View planning fees.

Community Plans

Learn how the City's Comprehensive Plan, implementation plans and citywide plans provide goals and action steps to enhance Lakewood's livability and guide land-use decisions, sustainability, and quality development in the city.

Community Programs and Initiatives

Learn more about Lakewood's Community Programs including the Community Development Block Grant program, Historic Preservation, the 40 West Arts District, and other programs.   

Our Neighborhoods 

Learn how your organization can stay actively involved and receive up to date information from the City. Homeowners Associations, Neighborhood Organizations, or Business Organizations are all encouraged to register with the City of Lakewood.  

View Lakewood's current registered Homeowners Associations, Neighborhood Organizations,and Business Organizations.  

The city of Lakewood offers grants of up to $60,000 to qualifying Lakewood neighborhoods through its Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP).  Applications for the 2022 program year will be available on December 1, 2021. 

Subdivision Ordinance 

The Lakewood Subdivision Ordinance information can now be found on its own web page.

Download the Subdivision Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance 

The Lakewood Zoning Ordinance (Title 17 of the Lakewood Municipal Code) governs land use and development throughout the City of Lakewood. The Zoning Ordinance was amended on December 12, 2016 and became effective January 30, 2017. 

The Lakewood Zoning Ordinance implements the city’s future vision as outlined in the comprehensive plan. The zoning ordinance is intended to simplify the land development process while balancing changes in land use patterns and technological advancements.

Download the full Zoning Ordinance or Individual Articles 

Sustainable Development Standards

The Lakewood Sustainable Development Standards (Article 13 of the Zoning Ordinance) establishes the standards in which implement the goals articulated in the community's adopted plans for sustainable development. 

     View Sustainable Development Standards(PDF, 422KB)

Zone District Summary Sheets

Zone district summary sheets provide a quick overview of the intent, development standards and land uses for each zone district.

Download Zone District Summary Sheets

Historical Zoning Ordinance and Maps

In 1969, the City of Lakewood incorporated and adopted Jefferson County’s Zoning Ordinance. The Lakewood Zoning Ordinance was amended in 1980, including significant changes like modifying the land use classification system, consolidating several residential zone districts and modifying some dimensional standards. The current Lakewood Zoning Ordinance became effective December 12, 2016.

Prior ordinances and zoning maps for Jefferson County and the City of Lakewood can be found below in PDF format. If you have questions about the ordinance, please contact the Planning Department. 

View historical zoning ordinances and maps


The City of Lakewood Sustainability Division is committed to creating a culture where community leaders, businesses and residents recognize that the vibrancy of our environmental, social and economic systems are interdependent and work together to ensure that Lakewood remains a healthy, thriving place for generations to come.

Lakewood has a number of exciting sustainability programs and initiatives. Explore what's happening throughout the city and how you can get involved.

Historic Preservation

Learn about Historic Preservation and the comprehensive program for maintaining the City's cultural resources and celebrating its heritage. 

Historic Preservation Commission

Learn more about the Historic Preservation Commission.

View Agendas and Meetings 

The City of Lakewood Planning Department staffs four appointed boards and commissions. To find out more about upcoming meetings and agenda information, please visit each board or commission's webpage. 

Lakewood Speaks - Can't Make it to the public meeting? Comment online.
View Lakewood Speaks 2019 Analytics and Participation Information.(PDF, 399KB)  

You are invited to attend the public hearing or participate online at and express your comments on these cases.  You may submit written comments regarding the cases online or in person to the secretary to the Planning Commission until 5 p.m. the day prior to the hearing. After that time, comments may be submitted orally or in writing to the Planning Commission at the 7 p.m. hearing.

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Information

Meetings, Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions

Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment Information

Meetings, Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions

Rooney Valley Commission

Rooney Valley Commission Information

Meetings and Agendas