Zone District Summary

Zone district summary sheets provide a quick overview of the intent, development standards and land uses for each zone district.

Residential Standards

R-1-43 - One Acre Lot Residential(PDF, 228KB)

R-1-18 - Rural Lot Residential(PDF, 259KB)

R-1-12 - Large Lot Residential(PDF, 261KB)

R-1-9 - Medium Sized Lot Residential(PDF, 253KB)

R-1-6 - Small Lot Residential(PDF, 270KB)

R-2 - Two-Family and Small Lot Residential(PDF, 347KB)

R-MF - Multifamily Residential(PDF, 374KB)

R-MH - Mobile Home Residential(PDF, 266KB)

Mixed Use Standards

M-N-S - Mixed Use Neighborhood Suburban(PDF, 302KB)

M-N-U - Mixed Use Neighborhood Urban(PDF, 317KB)

M-N-T - Mixed Use Neighborhood Transit(PDF, 309KB)

M-G-S - Mixed Use General Suburban(PDF, 307KB)

M-G-U - Mixed Use General Urban(PDF, 317KB)

M-G-T - Mixed Use General Transit(PDF, 297KB)

M-C-U - Mixed Use Core Urban(PDF, 310KB)

M-C-T - Mixed Use Core Transit(PDF, 311KB)

M-E-S - Mixed Use Employment Suburban(PDF, 427KB)

M-E-U - Mixed Use Employment Urban(PDF, 311KB)

M-E-T - Mixed Use Employment Transit(PDF, 336KB)

M-R-S - Mixed Use Residential Suburban(PDF, 273KB)

M-R-U - Mixed Use Residential Urban(PDF, 354KB)

M-R-T - Mixed Use Residential Transit(PDF, 329KB)

Commercial and Light Industrial Standards

C-R - Commercial Regional(PDF, 288KB)

LI - Light Industrial(PDF, 300KB)

LI-RD - Light Industrial Research and Development(PDF, 300KB)