Sustainable at Home Workshop Series

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Lakewood's Sustainability Division, in partnership with Lakewood's Sustainable Neighborhoods and the Sustainability Cooperative (SCOOP), is hosting a FREE virtual workshop series - Safer and Sustainable at Home!

These community-led workshops will feature do-it-yourself home sustainability projects, opportunities for improving neighborhood resiliency, education on existing sustainability programs and a chance to hear from experts on sustainability best practices. 

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Registration is required only once. After you register for one workshop, you will be sent an email with the link to join the Zoom webinar meeting for each workshop. We will also periodically send notifications when we add more workshops to the schedule.       


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Upcoming Workshops

We have some ideas in the works.  Stay tuned for more workshops coming soon! Register for the workshop series here and you will be notified when more workshops are added.

Previous Workshops

Household Energy Efficiency - Watch the Workshop Here!

Hosted by the Morse Park Sustainable Neighborhood and led by Jeff Wong, Lakewood Senior Sustainability Planner.
In this workshop, Jeff covers existing household energy efficiency options available from Xcel Energy. Many of these programs are free or low-cost and are available to all Lakewood residents! Jeff will also covers a few renewable options available to residents.

Workshop Resources:
Household Energy Efficiency Resource List(PDF, 118KB)
Household Energy Efficiency Slides(PDF, 5MB)

Contributing to a Resilient Local Economy - Watch the Workshop Here!

This workshop is hosted by the Sustainable Applewood Neighborhood and led by Lakewood's Economic Development team. It will dive into ways Lakewood residents can support the local economy and show our businesses and organizations we are here for them. In addition, volunteers from the Sustainable Applewood Neighborhood will share about the resilient economy projects they've been working on - both before and during COVID. Join us and other residents for a chat with the experts!

Workshop Resources:
Lakewood Local Map

Outdoor Water Efficiency with Denver Water - Watch the Workshop Here!

Summer is in full swing and many of us are noticing increases in our water bills due to our outdoor water use. In this workshop hosted by Sustainable Southern Gables, Denver Water provides expert tips on how to conserve water at home during the summer. You can save money while having a positive impact on the environment!

Workshop Resources:
(PDF, 3MB)
Outdoor Water Efficiency Slides(PDF, 3MB)
Five Easy Ways to Conserve Water this Summer!(PNG, 171KB)

Preserve Your Garden Harvest - Watch the Workshop Here!

Do you have a garden but are unsure of the best methods to preserve what you grow? Or are you a veteran gardener who wants to learn some new tips?

The Weir Gulch Gardens Sustainable Neighborhood hosts CSU Extension specialist, Mary Snow, who discusses all the ways to preserve your garden harvest. From canning to dehydrating to freezing and more! There are so many methods you can use to make sure your harvest doesn’t go to waste. Enjoy your produce for months after the growing season has ended!

Workshop Resources:
Preserving the Harvest Presentation Slides(PDF, 559KB)

Xeriscaping on a Budget - Watch the Workshop Here!

Looking for a few quick and easy landscaping projects that won't break the bank? Do you want a yard that requires less water and still looks beautiful? Look no further! Check out this workshop hosted by Sustainable Green Mountain to learn the sheet mulching technique, how to get plants for cheap and more! Keely Foster, Lakewood's Greenhouse Lead, also joins the discussion to provide tips on planting techniques and water maintenance.

Workshop Resources:
Xeriscaping on a Budget Slides(PDF, 4MB)
Xeriscaping Resource List(PDF, 528KB)

Low-Stress Biking in Lakewood - Watch the Workshop Here!

Every time a bicycle is used to replace a car trip, the planet, the community, and our bodies benefit from the reduced emissions that are put into the air. Members of Lakewood Bicycle Advisory Team have been working on identifying a low-stress network of streets that can get bicyclists from point A to point B with a minimal amount of exposure to motor vehicles. A low-stress street is designed for anyone, regardless of ability or age.

This workshop dives into current resources available for finding your low-stress bike route and how you can get involved in building out the network!

Workshop Resources:
Low-Stress Biking Resource List(PDF, 410KB)

 Community Sustainability Update - Watch the workshop here!

This discussion-based workshop will be an opportunity to meet and chat with Lakewood's sustainability team. Following the release of the 2019-2020 Lakewood Sustainability Plan Annual Report, we want to hear from you - your questions, comments and ideas. The annual report will be available beginning Aug. 20. In addition to discussing the report, our two newest sustainability planners will introduce themselves and share a bit about the work they've been doing since they started working for the city. We look forward to connecting with you!

Workshop Resources:
2019-2020 Sustainability Plan Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)

Neighborhood History & Heritage - Watch the workshop here!

Join O'Kane Park residents from the Sustain O'Kane group and Lakewood staff from Heritage Lakewood for this fun, informative workshop. There will be a virtual tour of O'Kane Park and the surrounding area, an interview with a local history expert, and an overview of available resources to help YOU learn about the history of your neighborhood.

Workshop Resources:
Historical Research Resources(PDF, 421KB)

Protecting Pollinators - Watch the workshop here!

Kick off the new year by learning more about protecting pollinators - in our city, our neighborhood, and in our own yards. This virtual workshop, hosted by Sustainable Eiber, covers several angles to help you learn more and get involved.

Workshop Resources:
Workshop Slides(PDF, 4MB)
Protecting Pollinators Resource List(PDF, 614KB)

Support the Birds in Your Backyard - Watch the workshop here!

Do you enjoy the sounds of birds chirping in trees outside your windows?  You can protect the birds and attract even more birds to your yard and neighborhood.  Join Sustainable Southern Gables to learn about some of the birds living in our neighborhoods and ways that we can support their habitats and food supply.

Workshop Resources:
Workshop Slides(PDF, 11MB)

Garden In A Box and Conserving Water in Your Landscape

Learn about programs offered by ResourceCentral, including a local resident's experience with the Garden-in-a-Box, and how to conserve water in your outdoor landscaping. Hosted by Sustainable Morse Park. 

Workshop Resources:
Workshop Slides(PDF, 5MB)


A Great Landscape Starts with a Plan • April 27, 2021

Watch part one of the workshop here.

Watch part two of the workshop here

This workshop will give homeowners some basic tools required when they are thinking of planning or replanting gardens. We will go over the concepts of full sun/ part sun/ and shade and basics of landscape design. We will also talk about other environmental considerations, such as drainage and irrigation/ hydrozones, and exposure to the elements.

(Workshop recording and presentation slides will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.)


Conserving Water with Rain Barrels • May 20, 2021

Watch the workshop here.

In this workshop, we will discuss use of rain barrels to conserve water at your home. We'll provide an overview of Colorado regulations as well as the benefits, care, and operation of rain barrel collection systems.