Sustainability Plans, Reports, and Projects

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 Sustainability Plan 

The Lakewood Sustainability Plan guides our efforts to create a thriving community today without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Lakewood City Council formally approved the Sustainability Plan on May 11, 2015 after more than two years of collaborative planning between city staff, residents, community stakeholders, and industry experts. 

We encourage you to explore the Sustainability Plan to learn more about each chapter topic and the community's sustainability goals and targets.


Kids' Sustainability Plan

Kids model recycling center In 2018, Dunstan Middle School dedicated an entire semester-long elective class to the study of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan with the goal of writing a kid-friendly version of the Plan. Taught by science teacher Audrey Hoffa, with support from guest speakers and several field trips, the 32 students in the class worked through each chapter of the Sustainability Plan and wrote a kids’ version of the Plan with examples, artwork, photography, and ideas all developed by the students. 

Curious what they came up with?



Current Projects

Sustainable Development Standards

Over the last year, city staff, community members, and technical experts collaborated to develop stronger standards that expand upon the existing requirements (Article 13 and Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling) and align new development with the Lakewood community’s vision and goals. City Council adopted the amendments to Article 13 of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance on June 27, 2022, with an effective date of August 1, 2022. View the project process on Additional resources, guides, and information will be forthcoming.

Energy Future Collaborative

The City of Lakewood and Xcel Energy are partnering together through the Energy Future Collaborative to find ways to advance Lakewood's energy goals. In 2018, both entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding(PDF, 5MB) (MOU) stating both parties' goals and intentions to work together toward Lakewood's community goals through an annual work plan(PDF, 5MB).

Expanding the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

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The City of Lakewood accepted the O'Kane Park and Weir Gulch Gardens neighborhoods into the program in June 2020! The program provides support and resources to residents wanting to design and lead projects that enhance the environmental and social strength of their neighborhoods.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories provide Lakewood leaders, community members, and city staff with information necessary to understand the existing state of carbon emissions and inform decisions on where to focus climate mitigation efforts. Lakewood’s GHG inventory provides a picture of carbon emissions created by the activities of Lakewood residents, businesses, institutions, and industries. By comparing inventories over time, Lakewood can track the success of existing and future climate change related policies and programs.


Lakewood 2021 Greenhouse Gas Inventory(PDF, 479KB)

Lakewood 2018 Greenhouse Gas Inventory(PDF, 553KB)


Other Key Documents


Lakewood 2018 Greenhouse Gas Inventory(PDF, 353KB)

The city of Lakewood measures its greenhouse gas emissions in order to identify trends and opportunities to reduce emissions.

Lakewood 2025: Moving Forward Together(PDF, 27MB)

In 2015, Lakewood updated it's comprehensive plan, setting the community vision for the next 10 years.

Lakewood 2013 Community Sustainability Framework(PDF, 4MB)

This framework documents the intentions of the city to be a leader in enhancing community sustainability.