2020 Sustainability Award Winners

2020 Sustainability Awards

We are excited to announce the eight recipients of the 2020 Lakewood Sustainability Awards! While this year's Sustainability Awards Reception has been canceled, we are still thrilled to share the amazing work of these youth, individuals, and businesses!  

Be sure to see their accomplishments highlighted in our newsletters and social media channels. 

Recycled Mat-ters - Upcycling & Job Training

Community Sustainability Award

Approximately 1,200 floor mats are thrown away each week in the metro area. Recycled Mat-ters has developed an innovative business model that diverts this waste from the landfill and creates an end market for the recycled material. Recycled Mat-ters is diverting approximately 100 mats destined for landfills per week and refurbishing or recycling them to give them a new life.

In addition to its innovative upcycling business model, Recycled Mat-ters is also providing hands-on training and work experience to Lakewood youth in the growing recycled product manufacturing sector. Currently, four high school students are working for the company. Not only does this on-the-job training help prepare youth for future jobs, but also demonstrates alternative behaviors to widespread consumerism.

Recycled Mat-ters is a business that embraces environmental, fiscal, and community sustainability, and it serves as a model for other businesses in Lakewood.

DSC_0033.jpg           CING-1-LLC-Corine-Maddie-Danielle-Overheated-7-10-18.jpg


Everett Court Partners LLC - Preservation & Efficiency

Community Sustainability Award

Eiber Village at Garrison Station is the creative conversion of the historic Hospice of Saint John facility to 49 affordable apartments for seniors. Development of the facility required the clean-up of an abandoned and blighted property and utilized many salvaged and repurposed construction materials. The outcome of the project is an energy- and water-efficient development that provides a range of positive benefits to the neighborhood and that provides residents with convenient access to multimodal transportation options.

The project successfully preserved the historic exterior character of the buildings while ensuring that the internal function and operation of Eiber Village is all modern. The three buildings which were part of the project were converted to 100% all-electric HVAC, water heating and cooking systems. This eliminates the use of fossil fuels on-site from burning natural gas and increases the opportunity to be powered entirely by renewable energy. Energy- and water-conserving fixtures were installed throughout the project, including an energy demand management system. Electric vehicle charging stations and secure bike storage space encourage low-emission transportation options.

Eiber Village successfully provides a beautiful and exciting affordable housing option for seniors seeking a sustainable lifestyle in Lakewood.

Eiber-Village-photo-of-door-reuse-at-Canon-City-barn-May-2020.jpg          Eiber-Village-photo-of-beds-salvage-July-2019.jpg          Eiber-Village-photo-of-Commissioner-Libby-Szabo-and-Mayor-Adam-Paul-at-groundbreaking-8-28-19.jpg


Ballmer Peak Distillery - Water Conservation & Waste Reduction

Community Sustainability Award 

Through the reuse and storage of water used in the fermentation process and repurposing of spent grain and molasses, Ballmer Peak Distillery is conserving more than 400,000 gallons of water and keeping more than 24,000 pounds of waste out of area landfills each year. These water conservation measures save Ballmer Peak more than $700 each year in utility bills, and the repurposed spent grain and dunder provide feed for a herd of mule deer, two flocks of Canada geese, 63 chickens, 12 turkeys, five raccoons, three pigeons, three goats, two miniature horses, and one llama.

The effort to minimize and repurpose waste required securing a waste partner that would be interested in collecting the fermentation and distillation byproducts. Harvesting these solid, spent grains from equipment requires more manual labor by bagging and preparing the grain for pickup. Ballmer Peak’s current primary waste partner, Originative, provides educational opportunities to children ages 1-17 while also feeding the various flocks of birds and herds of animals mentioned previously.

Ballmer Peak Distillery’s efforts demonstrate how extra research and small investments can result in triple-bottom-line benefits that conserve resources, save money and support community partnerships.




Compost Colorado - Curbside Compost Collection

Community Sustainability Award 

Not only does Compost Colorado collect and compost more than two tons of organic waste each week from its 112 subscribers in Lakewood, but when they swap out collection buckets, they provide their customers with package-free delivery of locally produced goods from its online store. 

Rebuilding the circular economy is at the heart of Compost Colorado’s mission. By collecting and composting organics that would otherwise end up in the landfill, Compost Colorado is reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also creating a finished living soil that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Compost Colorado also prevents packaging waste and supports local businesses through their online store and package-free delivery system. To make things even better, Compost Colorado uses a collection and delivery truck fueled by biodiesel made from the waste oil produced by local restaurants.

Compost Colorado is making composting mainstream, easy, affordable and accessible for Lakewood residents, helping them fight climate change while supporting sustainable lifestyles and the local economy.


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Dunstan Middle School Planet Patriots - Anti-Idling and Recycling 

Defender of the Planet Youth Award

The Dunstan Middle School Planet Patriots are a passionate group of students motivated to make their school and the greater Green Mountain community an even greener place. To better their community, the Planet Patriots focused on reducing emissions and improving air quality by designing signs that encourage parents to turn off their car engines while waiting to pick up students from school. The Planet Patriots also wanted to reduce waste at their school. To accomplish this, they had to successfully educate other students and custodial staff on the benefits of recycling. Their persistence led to the implementation of a recycling program for two of the three grade-level lunch periods.  

The Planet Patriots plan to expand the program to all three lunch periods next year and continue to recruit new students to join their cause. Their determination helps the greater Green Mountain community and Lakewood become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community.

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Cris Sorency’s 5th Grade Class at South Lakewood Elementary - Styrofoam Stoppers

Defender of the Planet Youth Award 

The “Styrofoam Stoppers” of Cris Sorency’s 5th Grade class at South Lakewood Elementary School petitioned the school to stop the use of Styrofoam trays. The class researched the negative impacts of Styrofoam on human health and the environment, and then launched an effective communication strategy to educate community leaders, Jeffco Public Schools and the public. Armed with facts and a desire for change, the students successfully eliminated the use of Styrofoam lunch trays at their school and encouraged Jeffco Public Schools to make the switch from Styrofoam to reusable or compostable trays starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

Their education campaign reduced South Lakewood Elementary School’s lunchroom trash by approximately 60%, and Jeffco Public Schools is beginning to transition from Styrofoam trays for the 6 million meals served to students each year.

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Devinny Elementary Environmental Club - Reducing & Diverting Waste

Defender of the Planet Youth Award

Students in the Devinny Elementary Environmental Club are determined to reduce waste in their school and community. Their efforts to reduce waste, through recycling and reuse, diverted nearly 6,400 pounds of waste from landfills in the last year. They collected over 150 pounds of hard-to-recycle items, such as foil-lined food wrappers and used makeup containers. They also held an Eco Fair where they collected over 3,000 pounds each of paper and paint products for recycling. Through their participation in TerraCycle’s hard-to-recycle collection program, they earned over $140, which they donated to worldwide environmental causes. The Environmental Club also encourages their classmates to strive for zero waste lunches by using reusable straws, silverware, food containers, water bottles and cloth napkins, and by diverting single-use containers to be recycled in art classes.

Their hard work diverts items typically destined for the landfill. Leading by example, their actions encourage and educate others.

Devinny-Eco-1.jpg           Devinny-Collection.jpg


Lynn Coppedge - Leadership & Innovation 

Bruce Peoples Eco-Employee Award

Lynn Coppedge joined the City of Lakewood in 2014 during the early stages of the development of the city's Sustainability Plan. Over the course of her five years of service with the city, Lynn played an integral part in developing the city's Sustainability Program and establishing the city as a leader in the region and country, as she led and supported the implementation of more than 60 different sustainability programs, policies and initiatives.

Some of Lynn's many accomplishments include co-managing Lakewood's first Sustainability Plan, overseeing Lakewood's annual sustainability report, launching municipal compost collection and zero waste programs, coordinating municipal renewable energy procurement, establishing the Lakewood Sustainability Cooperative, managing Lakewood's community-wide greenhouse gas inventory, coordinating numerous Earth Day Celebrations, and implementing the Employee Commuter Rewards program.

Lynn's  diligence, enthusiasm, hard work, patience and unmatched level of productivity resulted in impacts worthy of recognition from the community and city leaders.