Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Recycling bins in park


We have gathered a series of tools to help you reduce waste at community events and at home. We encourage you to explore the tools and provide us with suggestions for improvement so that we can move toward a zero waste community in Lakewood.

Community Recycling Centers

Quail Street Recycling Center

The City operates a free community recycling center at 1068 Quail St. Visit the Quail Street Recycling Center webpage for more details.

Rooney Road Recycling Center

Visit the Rooney Road Recycling Center webpage for details.


Zero Waste Event Tools

Zero Waste Event Toolkit(PDF, 14MB)

Use this step-by-step guide to plan your zero waste event. Find tips and guidance on empowering your volunteers, setting up zero waste stations, measuring your diversion and more. Don't forget to print double-sided.

Zero Waste Event Signs(PDF, 441KB)

Download these simple recycle, compost and trash signs to use at your zero waste stations. Contact to customize these signs for materials at your event.


Recycling at Home

Recycle Web Banner with Mountains.png  

Ready to help Lakewood achieve its community recycling goals? You can help by following these steps to become a zero waste champion in your own home!

Step 1: Call your provider

  • If you have curbside trash service, call your hauler and ask about curbside recycling.
  • If you live in an apartment or complex with a shared trash collection, call your property manager and ask about recycling.
  • While you're waiting for recycling services, drop off your recycling at the Quail Street Recycling Center.

 Step 2: Test your recycling knowledge

  • Ask for a list of materials accepted for recycling by your collector and make sure you are recycling the right materials.
  • Create a "hard-to-recycle" corner. Not all materials belong in the recycling bin, but you can repurpose and recycle them in other ways! Create a space in your home for the materials that are not accepted in your recycling bin. 

Step 3: Download our Zero Waste Champion toolkit


Construction & Demolition Recycling

The city of Lakewood Building Code requires certain construction and demolition projects to recycle specific materials and provides contractors resources to help them recycle. Visit the program's webpage to learn more.