Sustainable Transportation

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 Making small changes in how and when you travel can impact your health, budget and happiness. Whether you move by bicycle, walking, carpooling, or transit, your choice can help Lakewood reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Keep reading to learn more about the different alternative transportation options available in Lakewood.


Bicycling is one of the cleanest, healthiest and most efficient ways to travel. Learn more about bicycling in Lakewood by visiting our Transportation Engineering Division webpage.


Joining another driver who travels in a similar direction saves you both money on fuel and maintenance and makes everyone's commute smoother by taking another car off the road. Need help finding a carpool buddy? Register with Way to Go to be matched with someone on your route.


Do you need help getting your kids to or from school? The Way to Go program can help you start or join a Schoolpool for free! Visit with Way to Go Schoolpool website to see if your school already participates and connect with other families in your neighborhood. 


The City of Lakewood is served by a network of bus routes and the West Rail Line. Use the RTD Trip Planner tool to help you plan your next trip by bus and light rail.

Electric Vehicles

Is it time for a new vehicle? Consider choosing an electric vehicle as a cleaner and potentially cheaper option. Visit the Refuel Colorado website to learn about the financial incentives, environmental benefits and feasibility of owning an electric vehicle in Lakewood.