Local Food

Local Food Projects

local-food-projects.jpg The following projects provide more information on current and past local food projects and general resources for those wanting to learn more about local food.

  • Lakewood Food Assessment(PDF, 2MB)  This assessment is the product of a partnership between the city of Lakewood and LiveWell Colorado's HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign. The assessment focuses on issues of access to healthy foods and aims to help address the following questions: What elements of our food environment provide which residents with healthy food that they choose to eat? and What role can the city play to advance access to and consumption of healthy foods?


Community Gardens

community-garden.jpg There are several community gardens in Lakewood. Most gardens are managed through a partnership with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), an organization that helps and enables local residents to join together and garden in a communal setting.

Joining a Lakewood community garden

If you are interested in joining a community garden in Lakewood, contact DUG at 303-292-9900 or dirt@dug.org. Staff will connect you to the garden leader or add you to the wait list. For the most up to date list of community gardens, visit DUG's website

Developing a community garden

If you are interested in developing a community garden, please reach out to Lakewood staff member Amber Thill at 303-987-7872 or AmbThi@Lakewood.org. We will help residents identify appropriate garden locations, provide contact information for Denver Urban Gardens and other supporting entities, and offer best practice advice on developing a successful community garden.


Food Producing Animals

food-producing-animals-chickens.jpg In exchange for fresh eggs, honey or milk, urban animals can be rewarding and relatively easy to keep. With some planning, commitment and care, you can experience the benefits and reduce your environmental impact. Please download our Local Food Guide on raising animals(PDF, 877KB) to learn more about what is allowed in Lakewood.

Lakewood residents receive free technical and educational assistance from the Jefferson Conservation District on urban farming practices, including animal husbandry. Visit the Jefferson Conservation District website to learn more, request assistance or schedule a visit.


Residential Food Sales

residential-food-sales.jpg Sharing produce with your neighbors supports your household, strengthens our local economy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with food packaging and transportation. If you plan to sell the fruits of your labor, download our Local Food Guide on residential food sales(PDF, 859KB) to learn more about what is allowed in Lakewood.


Farmers' Markets

farmers-market-grapes-radishes.jpgDuring Lakewood's summer months there are many opportunities for buying and selling fresh produce at farmers' markets. Dates and times for the 2019 season are listed below.

Interested in starting a farmers' market in Lakewood? Download our Local Food Guide on farmers' markets(PDF, 789KB) to learn more about city definitions, processes and requirements.

Fleischer Family Farm

2020 S. Allison Court
Saturdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
June 16 - Oct. 13

Lakewood Farmers' Market
Alameda and Garrison - Mile Hi Church
9077 Alameda Ave.
Saturdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
June 15 - Sept. 28

Mountair Park Community Food Stand
Southeast corner of Mountair Park
13th and Depew St.
Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Aug. 3 - Oct. 26

If you would like to list a farmers' market here please email sustainability@lakewood.org. The city of Lakewood provides this listing for community information and does not endorse any particular market or guarantee the accuracy of any listing.


Food Trucks

food-trucks.jpgVisit our Food Truck webpage to learn about related city definitions, processes and requirements.