Request a Zoning Verification Letter

A Zoning Verification is a formal letter verifying the zoning at a particular property or address for a specific use.

For basic zoning information, visit the city's zoning map and enter the property address without punctuation in the search bar. The zone district is listed next to Zoning under "Lakewood Details".

For a Certificate of Zoning related to a City of Lakewood business license application, please contact the Planner of the Day at


Step 1.Please ensure that you have the following information ready:

  • Property address
  • Special considerations or comments
  • $50 per parcel payment

Step 2.Log in to eTRAKiT and complete the supplemental form:

The form can be found on the eTRAKiT at Lakewood page under the "Supplemental Forms for eTRAKiT" dropdown. You can also find a link to the document in the eTRAKiT Zoning Verification project application.

Step 3.Apply on eTRAKiT and Pay the Zoning Verification Letter Fee:

Once the form is complete, apply online using the eTRAKit dashboard. Click "Apply for New Project" and "Zoning Verification". Complete all sections and upload the supplemental form as an attachment.

The fee for a Zoning Verification is $50 per parcel. Payment is submitted at the time of application. You will be notified if additional fees are required. 

Step 4.Wait for our response:

Once the fee is paid, it may take up to 10 business days to complete all the necessary research. After the research is complete, you will receive your letter via your eTRAKiT dashboard.

Incomplete information and unpaid fees will delay the receipt of your Zoning Verification letter.