Municipal Renewable Energy

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Last year, the City of Lakewood used more than 2 million kWh (kilowatt-hours) of solar energy to power its municipal facilities and operations, reducing our emissions by approximately 2.145 million pounds of CO2. Many of Lakewood’s city-owned facilities are now at or close to 100% electrically powered by renewable energy including Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park, the Head Start and Early Childhood Education buildings and numerous parks and park buildings.

The city is continuing to work on expanding our renewable energy portfolio in order to reduce emissions, save on utility bills and achieve the community’s vision to generate 45 percent of all municipal energy needs from renewable sources by 2025. Updated main table 6.9.21.PNG

Keep reading to learn more and look for the “Powered by Renewable Energy” logo when visiting City facilities and parks!

How it Works

Through the Energy Future Collaborative, a partnership between the city and Xcel, the city has a 1,015 kW subscription share from Xcel’s 50 MW Titan Solar facility in Deer Trail, Colo. The city also purchased 274 kW of solar energy from a community solar garden in 2014.

The city’s facilities receive energy from Xcel energy’s standard grid mix, as well as solar energy produced from the Renewable*Connect and community solar garden subscriptions. The solar energy from the off-site subscriptions is allocated to various electricity meters for smaller municipal facilities, such as Heritage Lakewood, urban parks, and smaller equipment across the city. The standard grid mix feeds the city’s largest facilities (Civic Center, Public Safety, Recreation Centers, etc.), which are not part of the Renewable*Connect program because of their potential for rooftop on-site solar generation, as well as all remaining electricity meters.

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 133KB) for additional information about the program.


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Parks Powered by Renewable Energy

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Municipal Facilities Powered by Renewable Energy