Do you need to repair your fence?

A wooden fence along a walkway.

Recent windstorms have wreaked havoc on fences and caused a surge in applications for city fence permits.

Know requirements

Fence permits are required if more than 8 linear feet of fencing is replaced, repaired, modified or constructed.

If you have more than 8 linear feet of damaged fence, you may temporarily shore up the damaged fence as best as possible while waiting for the city to review your application and issue a permit. The city is working to process the surge of applications as quickly as possible, but you might experience some delay in receiving your permit.

Get your permit online

Use our online eTRAKiT tool to apply, pay for and receive permits and schedule inspections. No visit to the Lakewood Civic Center is required.

Use these resources to help you through this process:

Follow fence design standards

New and replacement fencing must also meet the city’s design standards:

  • Fences must be set back at least 2 feet from the sidewalk or the property line if the property line is more than 2 feet from the back of the sidewalk.
  • For residential backyards, the maximum allowable fence height is 6 feet tall, and the design style allows for complete privacy.
  • For residential front yards, the maximum allowable fence height is 4 feet, and the fencing design or style must be at least 50% open.
  • For commercial or institutional properties, the design standards are based on the use of the property. Please contact the Planner of the Day at 303-987-7571 or for additional information.

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