Historic Survey Plans

To plan for the protection and preservation of its historic resources, SurveyPriotizationArea_FINAL_LargerLegend-01.jpgLakewood must first inventory and evaluate what resources exist. This inventory and evaluation is documented in historic resource survey plans.

Over the past 20 years, the city has prepared for and completed a number of historic resource survey plans. The map on the right was developed by the Lakewood Historic Preservation Commission and shows the survey priority boundary for Lakewood. The boundary focuses on the older neighborhoods in the city. As of July 2020, survey plans have been completed for four out of the 12 priority neighborhoods. Survey plans have also been completed for the West Colfax Avenue corridor and for pre-1920s buildings in Lakewood that were not surveyed in other plans. Survey plans for the remaining eight neighborhoods within the Survey Boundary will be completed as resources become available.

The following survey plans have been completed in Lakewood, to date:

These historic resource survey plans are for educational and documentation purposes and do not affect the status of any of the properties that are surveyed. Historic resource surveys help inform owners about the significance of their property but do not list the properties as a landmark or designate historic districts. That process occurs separately and involves more in-depth research on the historical associations and events that may be connected with a particular property. Any application for designation must be done with property owner consent.