Celebrate Preservation Month!

Celebrate Preservation Month!


In the Month of May, Lakewood’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) celebrated Archeology and Historic Preservation Month by offering a scavenger hunt at O'Kane Park and Washington Heights Arts Center. Two participants will receive a prize to be announced at the end of June! 


The HPC thanks those who participated in the month long scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt featured architectural artifacts found on the historic buildings at O'Kane Park and the Washington Heights Arts Center. Some of these historic elements can also be found in older neighborhoods throughout Lakewood!

Answers to the clues are below: 




 1. If you look aloof, these decorative pieces hold up the roof   Rafter Tails  Okane-Rafter-Tails.jpg
 2. This brick creation, helps direct water away from the foundation   Water Table Washington-Watertable.jpg
 3. With hints of fancy stone, this helped provide heat to this home.   Chimney Okane-Chimney.jpg
 4. Letting in light above the doorway frame, a celestial body shares my name  Transom/half-moon light Washington-Transom.jpg
 5. This siding style uses plank and strips to keep animals dry from rainy drips.  Board and Batten Okane-Board-_-Batten.jpg
 6. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks, this feature supports the architrave and frieze  Column Capitol Washington-Column-Capital.jpg
 7. Alternating between rectangles and squares, this feature was laid with care.  Brick Pattern/Common Bond Washington-Brick-Pattern.jpg
 8. This triangular feature above the door is attached to columns on the ground floor.  Pediment Washington-Pediment.jpg
 9. Usually this feature is found on the roof, but when used as siding it helps keep things waterproof  Shingles Okane-shingles-or-window.jpg


History of Architecture in Lakewood

Commission Chair Rebecca Silva and previous Commissioner Nicole Lane presented to the Lakewood's Historical Society about the role of the Historic Preservation Commission and the history behind local landmarks in Lakewood.

Click to watch the presentation on Youtube 

Preservation Month Celebrated Nationally

Historic Preservation Month is recognized annually in May by cities, states and preservation organizations across the country to instill national and community pride, promote heritage tourism and highlight the social and economic benefits of historic preservation.

More information about the national movement can be found on the National Parks Service website