Economic Development Programs

Below are programs from the City of Lakewood's Economic Development office aimed at recruiting businesses, assisting businesses and creating a more vibrant and economically diverse community. Click on the pictures to download applications for each program. Follow instructions and return to the Economic Development Team.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Reach out to us at 303-987-7730 or 

Program Title Summary 
 Commercial Reinvestment Program                                The Commercial Reinvestment Program provides funding to encourage businesses and property owners to invest in their properties. This grant is a matching grant to encourage property improvements. 
 Retail Business Attraction  The Retail Business Attraction Program provides funding to encourage new restaurants, food establishments and entertainment venues to start and locate in Lakewood. This is a grant to encourage and support retail attraction to Lakewood. 
 Adaptive Reuse Program  The Adaptive Reuse Program provides funding to assist with build-out and tenant finish. The goal is to encourage reuse of older buildings, eliminate barriers to entry and bring them back on the market to create activation and eliminate blight. This is a grant to encourage the creative reuse of buildings.