Housing is a vital part of a community and Lakewood has a thriving and diverse base. A broad spectrum of housing options are available in Lakewood, ranging from apartments, duplexes, single family homes, affordable housing and attainable housing.

Lakewood housing trends are changing. As more residents use transit, they also want to live near it. The W light rail line opened in April 2013 to serve established residential areas and major employment centers and to attract future development. It has resulted in increased mobility for residents and workers and increased connectivity for Lakewood to the entire metro Denver area.

In addition, energy- and resource-efficient homes, also known as "green homes," are growing in popularity. Lakewood is taking charge of its future by proactively designing a multimodal infrastructure and intelligently planning residential, commercial and retail development. 

Lakewood has many stable neighborhoods and we are continuing to increase our housing stock.