Washington Heights Arts Center Building Improvements

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Washington Heights Arts Center

The city of Lakewood’s Heritage Culture & the Arts (HCA) Division is excited to announce an infrastructure improvement project at Washington Heights Arts Center, 6375 W. First Ave. to ensure the longevity of the historic building.

The work has required the arts center to close to the public at 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 25 and remain closed until the summer class session in June. A full closure of the space will result in a shorter construction timeline and cost savings.

Whitestone Construction Services, which has experience with historic preservation, will complete the facility updates while maintaining the historical and architectural integrity of the building. Lakewood is dedicated to preserving this historic structure for our community’s continued enjoyment. The rehabilitation and maintenance efforts are being guided by a building assessment conducted in October 2015.

Much of this work will be unseen improvements such as floor framing upgrades, a new heating and cooling system, fire system upgrades and exterior drainage. Visible improvements will include new flooring in the pottery studio, a new sink in the art studio and new office space for arts center staff.


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