Holbrook Park Pond Dredging

  • Project typeMaintenance
  • Completion DateDecember 31, 2020
Holbrooke park map.

The City of Lakewood’s Holbrook Park, 810 Garrison St., contains a pond within the Lakewood Gulch water channel used to store water to irrigate the park. The pond has experienced significant sedimentation over the years, and best practices recommend periodically dredging to maintain the pond’s effectiveness for water storage. The pond's current shallow depth also makes it susceptible to algae and vegetation growth due to the impaired ability for water to flow in and through the pond. The pond provides irrigation for the Holbrook Park irrigation system and at this time sediment is starting to block the intake which can cause issues when irrigating the park.

An experienced contractor has been selected to complete this project on behalf of the city. The proposed timeline for the project is to begin in summer 2020 with completion of dredging anticipated by the end of 2020. The sediment removed will then be placed in large bags and allowed to drain on-site to minimize the impact and debris left on the surrounding roadways when removed by the contractor.

If you have questions, contact Lakewood Community Resources at 303-987-7800 or CRinfo@Lakewood.org


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