Completed: Addenbrooke Park Playground Renovation

  • Project typeRenovation
  • Completion DateFebruary 28, 2020
The existing Addenbrooke playground.

A playground proposal for Addenbrooke Park was selected by Lakewood residents and a playground was installed in February 2020. View the winning design and project details at 

In September 2019, a request for proposals to renovate the playground at Addenbrooke Park resulted in 15 options for consideration from eight playground vendors. The options varied in terms of size, components and play activities that would best fit within the existing concrete curb that defines the play area to be renovated. All options addressed the need to meet current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements, including the removal of the exiting pea gravel on site and the installation of poured-in-place or rubber surfacing appropriate for wheelchair accessibility

The Addenbrooke Park playground renovation is funded in part by a Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) grant submitted by the Sun Valley Neighborhood Association and approved by Lakewood City Council. The NPP gives community organizations a chance to submit applications to receive city funding for a small-scale project they believe would make a difference in improving their neighborhood. Learn more at


The new playground

Installed February 2020


Addenbrooke park playground



601 S Garrison Street, Lakewood, CO 80226  View Map

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