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Budget & Audit Board

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Colorado Municipal League (CML) Policy Committee

The CML Policy Committee is a standing committee that develops the League's legislative program. The membership is composed of representatives from each member municipality, CML sections and district presidents. This committee will consider pending policy issues for CML, discuss proposed state legislation and the recommend positions to the CML Executive Board and staff. Lakewood has representatives on the committee.

2024 Lakewood Delegates
Council member Isabel Cruz
Alternate: Council member Rebekah Stewart

Staff Liaison: Ben Goldstein, Deputy City Manager

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and Jefferson County Collaborative Transportation Forum (pursuant to IGA)

DRCOG is a membership organization of the 56 local cities and counties of the Denver region, intended to foster regional cooperation among these entities. It focuses on quality-of life-issues such as mobility, environment, public safety and growth. Each member government has an elected official and an alternate serving on the Board of Directors.

2024 Council Delegates
Council member Jeslin Shahrezaei
Alternate: Council member Roger Low

Head Start Executive Committee Governing Board

This Committee was established by Resolution 2010-60(PDF, 61KB)The Advisory Committee will be composed of three elected officials who serve as the governing board for the Head Start program. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the program and the City Council authorizes the appointed advisory committee to carry out specific responsibilities related to the governance and appropriate oversight of the Head Start Program.

2024 Members
Council member Sophia Mayott-Guerrero
Council member Glenda Sinks

Housing Advisory Policy Commission 

(PDF, 61KB)Established June 10, 2019 with Ordinance O-2019-26(PDF, 342KB)The Housing Advisory Policy Commission (HPC) studies and researches housing issues, as well as discussing, developing and recommending housing-related policies to City Council. The committee includes the Mayor and one Council member from each ward.

2024 Members
Mayor Wendi Strom
Council member Glenda Sinks - Ward 1
Council member Sophia Mayott-Guerrero - Ward 2
Council member Roger Low - Ward 3
Council member David Rein - Ward 4
Council member Jacob LaBure - Ward 5

Staff Liaison: Robert Smith, Director of Economic Development

Jefferson County Community Corrections Board

Established Aug. 28, 1983 by Intergovernmental Agreement

The Jefferson County Corrections Board is responsible for screening and placement of felony offenders in Jefferson County halfway houses, as well as coordinating goals for local community corrections, monitoring offender progress and program compliance, and oversight of contractual responsibilities for community corrections programs in Jefferson County. They are also the policy board for community corrections in the county. Each Jefferson County agency has one member and an alternate for this Board.

2024 Council Delegates
Council member Jacob LaBure
Alternate: Council member Sophia Mayott-Guerrero

Jefferson County Criminal Justice Committee

The purpose of the Jefferson County Criminal Justice Committee is to serve as an advisory body to the policy makers, judiciary and stakeholder groups of the criminal justice system in Jefferson County. This group represents the various elements of the criminal justice system and includes various state and elected officials. It discusses and makes recommendations on issues such as managing the jail population, efficiencies in the criminal justice system, mental health issues that might impact the system and prevention programs. Lakewood has two delegate members on this committee.

2024 Council Delegates
Council member David Rein

Jefferson County Economic Development Corp (EDC) 

Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation is a 501c6 non-profit with public and private investors focused on the growth of Jefferson County. Jeffco EDC works in partnership with business and community organizations throughout the region. These investors focus on issues and opportunities that strengthen the economic vibrancy of Jefferson County and Colorado. Lakewood has one member and an alternate.

2024 Council Delegates
Mayor Wendi Strom
Alternate: Robert Smith, Director of Economic Development 

Judges Salary Committee

This committee comprises one Council member from each Ward. They meet annually in the second quarter to study data and make recommendations to the whole Council regarding the appropriate compensation for the presiding judge and all regular full-time judges.

2024 Members
Council member Glenda Sinks - Ward 1
Council member Sophia Mayott-Guerrero - Ward 2
Council member Roger Low - Ward 3
Council member Rich Olver - Ward 4

Staff Liaison: Ben Goldstein, Deputy City Manager

Lakewood Reinvestment Authority Board

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Legislative Committee

This committee comprises one Council member from each Ward. They meet as needed during the state legislative session from January to May. The committee takes positions on pending legislation and conveys those positions to state elected representatives. Packets are provided that summarizes the proposed legislation, summarizes staff feedback and summarizes positions taken by other entities particularly Colorado Municipal League.

2024 Members
Council member Glenda Sinks - Ward 1
Council member Isabel Cruz - Ward 2
Council member Rebekah Stewart - Ward 3
Council member David Rein - Ward 4 
Council member Jacob LaBure - Ward 5

Staff Liaison: Ben Goldstein, Deputy City Manager

Mile High Flood District

The Mile High Flood District (MHFD) is responsible for storm water and watershed management. Since 1969, they have been designing and building effective flood control and warning measures, open spaces, and regional paths, as well as removing trash and debris from streams. As an independent agency, the MHFD is governed by a unique board of directors consisting of twenty locally elected officials such as mayors, county commissioners, city council members and two registered professional engineers. By law, either the mayor or mayor pro tem serve on the MHFD representing Lakewood.

2024 Council Delegate
Mayor Wendi Strom

Police Seizure Fund Committee

The committee receives and reviews written requests by the Police Department and makes recommendations on the disposition of money and property seized during major arrests to be used by the Lakewood Police Department for law enforcement purposes. The committee consists of the Lakewood Chief of Police, the District Attorney and a Lakewood City Councilor.

2024 Members
Council member Rich Olver

Screening Committee

This committee comprises one Council member from each Ward. They meet as needed and are charged with interviewing applicants for the city’s boards and commissions and making appointment recommendations to the entire Council.

2024 Members
Council member Jeslin Shahrezaei - Ward 1
Council member Isabel Cruz - Ward 2
Council member Rebekah Stewart - Ward 3
Council member David Rein - Ward 4

Staff Liaison: Jay Robb, City Clerk

Sister Cities Program

The Lakewood Sister Cities Program is part of a global community that was formed in 1956, when President Eisenhower inaugurated the "People to People" program for the USA and the world. Lakewood joined the program in 1977 with our first Sister City relationship being with Sutherland Shire, Australia. This committee meets to discuss updates from Lakewood’s four Sister Cities – Portsmouth and Chester, England; Sutherland Shire, Australia; and Stade, Germany. 

2024 Member
Council member Rich Olver

Ad-Hoc Committees


Campaign Finance Committee

The Campaign Finance Committee consists of five members and includes one Council member from each ward. Membership is determined using the committee assignment process set forth in the Council Policies and Procedures (PDF, 399KB) manual.

In February of 2018 the City Council passed Resolution 2018-7(PDF, 54KB) which formed the Ad Hoc Committee to review and make recommendations for amending the Campaign Finance Ordinance with the following goals:

  • Enhanced transparency
  • Limit influence of corporations and donations from unidentifiable sources
  • Tighten deadlines for filing reports and require more frequent filings
  • Impose lower donor limits for contributions to candidates
  • Establish disclaimer requirements for electioneering materials
  • Implement an enforcement process that complies with the federal court ruling

Members for 2024
Council member Glenda Sinks, Ward 1
Council member Sophia Mayott-Guerrero, Ward 2
Council member Rebekah Stewart, Ward 3
Council member Rich Olver, Ward 4
Council member Jacob LaBure, Ward 5

Staff Liaison:
Jay Robb, City Clerk