Youth Sports Volunteer Coach

Ongoing Applications

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Make an impact in your community and share your love of sports by coaching a youth sports team.

Hands-on training, coaching certification, coaches meeting, drills, games and ideas for practices all provided before and during the season. No prior coaching experience required!

A soccer coach meets with his team.

Position Description


  1. Coach submits required background paperwork and ensures background has cleared prior to coaching.
  2. Coach attends at least 13 of 16 total, meetings, practices and games
  3. Coach abides by Code of Conduct, Youth Sports Handbook and City of Lakewood policies.
  4. Coach utilizes and completes the coach checklist.
  5. Coach communicates regularly with Field Supervisor/ Recreation Programmer-Sports to inform of missing practice or game times (at least 48 hours in advance, unless emergency). If assistant coach is not available youth sports staff will cover.
  6. Coach communicates team issues and/or concerns to Field Supervisor/Recreation Programmer-Sports throughout season.
  7. Coach must complete all trainings and certifications prior to seasons start. This includes Concussion and Coaches Training.

Download the Handbook(PDF, 1MB)


Volunteer coaches can wear casual attire and will receive one short sleeve/long sleeve shirt each season they participate. Coaches are required to wear one of these shirts for practices and/or games to ensure a consistent and recognizable uniform. 

Time commitment 

Practice is one day per week for 45 minutes with games on Saturdays for an hour. Coaches must attend at least 13 of 16 total meetings, practices and games.

Attendance/Call-in Policy

Coach must communicate regularly with Field Supervisor/Sports Programmer to inform of missing practice or game times at least 48 hours in advance, unless emergency.

If assistant coach is not available youth sports staff will cover.


Volunteer coaches with children will receive a 50% off discount code for their child(ren)’s next youth sport with the City of Lakewood at the end of each season. Coaches will also receive a coach’s shirt and a team picture

Discount codes will be distributed the 7th week of the season to ensure volunteer has met expectations of the position. This will allow adequate time to register before the next season starts. Discount codes are accepted in person, or over the phone at any recreation center at the time of registration. Codes may also be used online during registration. 

How to Apply

If interested, please complete an application and email it to, 720-963-5183.

Download the Application(PDF, 78KB)