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The Clements Community Center offers an attractive, healthy and enjoyable environment with activities and services for older adults age 55 or better.

Volunteers can assist in a wide variety of programs, including classes, fitness, drop-in activities, travel, outdoor recreation, dances, movies and support services.

Three volunteers and participants pose while on a hike.

Volunteer Job Description

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Volunteer Purpose

To assist staff with general office duties and/or other tasks related to programs, services and activities.  


Volunteer program staff provide support, guidance, and education to patrons either directly or indirectly that participate in Clement Center programs. Volunteer is supervised by Class and Travel Coordinator or Facility Coordinator, or their designated appointee. 

Depending on volunteer placement, responsibilities may include but not limited to:

  • Front desk: clerical support for front desk staff.
  • Movie Host or Hostess: setting up refreshments, collecting refreshment fees, starting and watching movies with participants and minimal clean up after the movie
  • Outdoor Recreation Program: driving or leading hikes, ski and snowshoe trips
  • Classes: instructing older adult students
  • Travel Program: leading groups on various day trips
  • Saturday Night Dance: greeting, serving refreshments and clean up including washing dishes 


Volunteer must be able to interact with participants, age 55 and older, the public and staff. Have the ability to communicate effectively, take direction well and bring a spirit of inclusiveness and fun to our programs. Other qualifications depend on job placement or program type.  

Age Requirement 

Minimum age is 21.


Varies depending on position placement. General schedule is Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday Night Dance schedule is between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.  


Training will be provided by the Class and Travel Coordinator, Facility Coordinator, or an appointed designee, during the first scheduled day. Training may be extended depending on type of placement. 

Dress Code

Volunteers are required to dress in casual attire, comfortable shoes or attire appropriate for the volunteer’s placement.  

Work Environment

In general, the volunteer will work at the Clements Community Center. However, the Outdoor Recreation and Travel Program environments can include outdoor and indoor locations around the Denver metro area, Front Range and mountains. 

Punctuality and Absenteeism

If the volunteer will be late or miss a scheduled assignment, they must contact their volunteer supervisor prior to their shift.