Massage and Reiki

Massage therapist and client during a session.

About Massage and Reiki


Massage can increase flexibility and range of motion, improve muscle/tendon/ligament elasticity and enhance circulation to increase and speed healing. 


Reiki is a gentle healing technique that uses a light touch to balance the human energy system.  Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, may relieve pain, balances energy and increases the body's natural ability to heal.  Relax fully clothed on a comfortable massage table and enjoy a revitalizing and peaceful experience.

Session Rates

Length Resident Nonresident
30 minute $35 $45
60 minute $55 $65
90 minute $85 $95
Three 60-minute sessions (punch card) $150 $160


How to Schedule a Session

  1. Select from the therapists listed below.
  2. Complete the massage therapy info form
  3. If interested in Reiki, be sure to list Andrea Peltier as your preferred therapist and mention reiki as the appointment type.

Massage and Reiki Therapists

Massage Therapists

A portrait of massage therapist Lorraine Bright.


  • Certifications
    Massage practitioner since 1991
    Pilates instructor specializing in injuries and disabilities since 2000
    Coordination and Balance Instructor
  • Specialties
    Sports massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Unwinding, Cranio Sacral, Thai massage, Lymphatic drainage, Swedish, muscle loading and unloading and developmental patterning.

A portrait of massage therapist Cayla Pierce.


  • Certifications 
    Deep tissue, sports massage, injury massage, Swedish massage and trigger point therapy.
  • Specialties
    Deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

A portrait of massage therapist Greg Holland.


  • Certifications
    Colorado Certified Massage Therapist since 2011
  • Specialties
    Sports, deep tissue and relaxation/chair massage.

Reiki Therapist

A portrait of Andrea Peltier, Reiki therapist.


  • Certifications
    Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II 
    Via Kimberly Hedden-Welch, MA, RMT
    Yoga Instructor - 200hr
    Via Center for Natural Living (Toronto)
  • Mission
    To help people who need relaxation, stress reduction, clarity of mind and possibly with some healing and pain relief.


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