Foothills Park

Foothills Park playground

Riding the eastern slope of Green Mountain, this small neighborhood park provides a great playground, tennis court, turf field and small picnic shelter to neighbors and Foothills Elementary School next door. A ¼-mile trail loop is perfect for doggies, strollers and joggers.

Foothills Park has one football/soccer field and one tennis court available for rent.

Reservation Type Category Hourly Rate *Daily Rate

Reservation Type Category Hourly Rate *Daily Rate
Athletic Fields Lakewood Residents/Nonprofits $20/hr $175/day
Non-Residents $25/hr $200/day
Tennis or Sand Lakewood Residents/Nonprofits $5/hr $40/day
Volleyball Court Non-Residents $7/hr $56/day

*The daily rate will apply for any rental exceeding six hours, as such requests will prohibit other groups from permitting that area.

Additional Fees Hourly Rate

Additional Fees Hourly Rate
Field Preparation (Price is for each application) $40/hr

All permit requests are final. Refunds will only be issued if the city of Lakewood closes fields due to weather and/or field maintenance issues.

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