Refurbishing West Colfax entry features underway

Published on October 24, 2019


Two iconic West Colfax Avenue features marking the entry into Lakewood will be getting a new look during a refurbishing process beginning Nov. 1. The work will require the two towers to be removed and then reinstalled when the work is finished.

The renovations include new brighter light-emitting diode (LED) lights replacing the towers’ neon fixtures, adding more lighting elements and using more vibrant colors on the structural components. The renovations will take about three to four weeks followed by reinstallation of the towers at their original locations.

The 26-foot tall entry features were installed 20 years ago on the northwest and southwest corners of West Colfax and Sheridan Boulevard as part of a West Colfax revitalization effort. “Lakewood” in neon topped one of the towers and “Colfax” the other one, with the words readable from the east and west.

The original structures also had neon rings along the length of the towers, reflecting the historical neon signs that lined West Colfax during the 1940s and 1950s. But neon lights don’t last long and require frequent maintenance and replacements. It also has been difficult to find maintenance and repair services for this obsolete technology.

Refurbishing the entry features is part of a citywide signage and identity effort to tailor city entry signs to reflect the unique areas of the city. The effort has included installation of 13 updated “Welcome to Lakewood” signs and new distinctive stone entry features on West Alameda Avenue.