New tree canopy map identifies where more trees are needed

Published on July 01, 2022

A view of the Tree Canopy Map for City of Lakewood.

The City of Lakewood now has a better idea of where more trees need to be planted after completing an assessment of the publicly and privately owned tree canopy in the city. This assessment will also support the city’s sustainability goals because it enhances the understanding of the value of Lakewood’s tree canopy and provides a way to evaluate viable planting areas and locations with the most need for additional tree coverage.

Residents can also get real-time access to the city's tree data and view tree canopies by city ward, ZIP code and more, using the TreePlotter™ tree canopy map to see the canopy in their neighborhoods. The city will use this map to guide targeted tree plantings and to assist in the development of urban forestry plans to address local environmental and social equity issues for neighborhoods that lack enough trees.

“The tree assessment provided important details to the forestry staff to show where to focus available resources for tree plantings to create the most benefit for Lakewood as a whole,” said Forestry Supervisor Luke Killoran. “It also shows us how best to support property owners to increase the canopy in underserved areas for trees.”

The city’s tree canopy creates an ecosystem valued at a $26 million and covers 4,509 acres. Lakewood has about 22 trees per acre or about four trees per resident. Learn more about the city’s tree canopy with the Tree Canopy Fact Sheet at

The city’s Sustainability Plan includes a goal to achieve 30 percent tree canopy coverage by 2025. The tree canopy assessment shows the city’s canopy coverage at 16 percent and a possible planting area of 41 percent. This data provides an informed starting point for the city to make progress toward current and future sustainability goals. As part of the effort to increase the tree canopy, the city has funding set aside to support tree planting programs for residents in 2023. 

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