Neighborhood Support Team

Published on June 07, 2023


Supporting Lakewood’s neighborhoods, one connection at a time

Lakewood’s Neighborhood Support Team has ramped up a full set of programs to help neighborhoods bring residents together to build a sense of community, resolve challenging issues, create some fun and enhance people’s quality of life.

The team can provide support to neighborhoods through the following free services, and additional information is available at

  • Free neighborhood resources: Two new resources have been added that neighborhood groups can borrow at no cost. Neighbor Flix is a portable kit to throw a movie night by providing a projector, large cloth screen (150 inches), stands, speaker, Blu-Ray/DVD player, and more. More information is available at The Litter Cleanup Kit contains all the necessary supplies for a small group of volunteers to perform a neighborhood trash cleanup, with more information at
  • Neighborhood Get-Together Grant: Residents can apply for a modest stipend ($100-$500) to support a gathering that encourages community building such as block parties, cleanups, fire mitigation, live music from neighborhood bands, art projects, and ice cream socials. More than 30 neighborhoods have received funds since this grant program launched in August 2022. Applications are available online at
  • Lakewood Mediation Services: Conflict might be an inescapable part of life, but managing how we respond can make all the difference. Mediation brings parties in conflict together to respectfully discuss the issues with the help of a neutral third party to figure out a mutually acceptable path forward on issues such as fences, vegetation, parking, nuisance concerns and others. This free and confidential service has already resolved several long-standing, complicated challenges in neighborhoods. Answers to frequently asked questions about mediation are available at, along with an online request for mediation.

Lakewood City Council added the Neighborhood Support Team in the city’s 2022 annual budget to help neighborhoods build stronger relationships and support within communities. The team began with creating the mediation services and has built the additional programs over the last several months.


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