Lakewood’s statement on extension of stay-at-home order

Published on April 24, 2020

The City of Lakewood’s priority during this COVID-19 crisis is to do all that is possible to protect the community’s health, welfare and safety. We have worked closely with Jefferson County Public Health, as it is the lead agency in managing public health emergencies in our community.

Jefferson County Public Health has extended the stay-at-home order through May 8 because of the high rate of the virus in the county and across the Denver metro area. Lakewood has also regularly had the highest number of cases in the county, and the number of cases across the county has not declined.

The county’s order makes it consistent with neighboring jurisdictions such as Denver, which helps to reduce confusion for our residents. This extension also follows the governor’s direction to allow data-based strategies to inform actions at the local level.

This two-week extension means that many of the measures that we have been practicing as a community remain the same: Wearing masks in public, allowing only takeout orders at restaurants and maintaining social distancing. One change, however, has been made to address some economic needs. Stores and shops that provide goods not considered critical will now be allowed to provide curbside service during this extension. Other than that, the state’s Safer at Home provisions will not be in effect in Lakewood or the county.

The city continues to evaluate its approach to providing city services during this emergency, and some closures such as for Municipal Court were already extended prior to the county’s action. The city’s playgrounds, shelters, outdoor fitness equipment and courts also remain closed through May 31. Please visit the “latest updates” button on the city’s online COVID Resource Center to learn about any changes to city services. 

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