Lakewood Reinvestment Authority

The fundamental mission of the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority (LRA) is to encourage private reinvestment within targeted areas of Lakewood. The LRA has been created by citizens to enhance the City's ability to preserve and restore the vitality and quality of life in the community. Lakewood voters approved the formation of the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority (LRA) on November 4, 1997, and appointed the Lakewood City Council to serve as the Board of Commissioners. The LRA operates in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes Urban Renewal Law C.R.S. §31-25-101 et seq.


Reinvestment Areas
Reinvestment Projects


Maintain a Strong Identity and Image for Lakewood

Lakewood's blend of rural and urban/suburban environments is unique among Denver metro communities. Lakewood has strong character, and a special image that reflects the needs of its residents and underlying physical organization.  

Assure Economic Soundness of Public/Private Development

The activities of the LRA are joint efforts between the LRA and private investors. For the sake of both entities, the economic viability of proposed projects is priority.  

Increase the Tax Base

It is important to maintain and improve these city services upon which Lakewood residents rely for their quality of life. Because Lakewood relies heavily on its retail tax base, it is necessary to encourage positive redevelopment of retail sales sites. 


LRA Commissioners

Chairman, Adam Paul, Mayor 

Charley Able, Commissioner - Ward 1 

Jeslin Shahrezaei, Commissioner - Ward 1 

Sharon Vincent, Commissioner - Ward 2 

Sophia Mayott-Guerrero, Commissioner - Ward 2 

Anita Springsteen, Commissioner - Ward 3 

Rebekah Stewart, Commissioner - Ward 3 

Barb Franks, Commissioner - Ward 4 

Rich Olver, Commissioner - Ward 4  

Wendi Strom, Commissioner - Ward 5 

Mary Janssen, Commissioner - Ward 5 




LRA Executive Director, Robert Smith, Economic Development Director

LRA Treasurer, Erin Nordmann, Revenue Manager

LRA Clerk, Bruce Roome, City Clerk 

LRA General Counsel, Alison McKenney Brown, City Attorney




For more information contact: 303-987-7730