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Union Area Transportation Study

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After nearly a year of public meetings, surveys, workshops and hundreds of comments and ideas from the community, the Union Area Transportation Study findings and recommendations were accepted by the Lakewood City Council at its meeting April 9, 2018.


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Union Boulevard


The Union Area Transportation Study analyzed current conditions, input from residents, users and other stakeholders, and planning work already completed in the area, in order to create a prioritized list of projects for the corridor in the near future.

Travel through the corridor poses issues for users, and land use and transportation are expected to change. We don’t know exactly what to expect over the next 20 years, so the study presents three future scenarios and a list of projects to prepare for the future:


  • Auto-Oriented Scenario
  • Mixed Mode Scenario
  • Alternative Mode Scenario


The three scenarios showed a range of transportation, transit and land use options and how those will impact existing conditions. The scenarios were shared with the public for additional feedback, input and refinement. The final list of proposed projects includes information on how they align with each scenario and also how they align with stakeholder priorities. 


The study looked at conditions on Union Boulevard between 6th Avenue and Alameda and at connections to and from the corridor. 


See a map of the study area below.


The study is an opportunity to improve mobility in the Union corridor area by assessing concerns, needs and opportunities to create a prioritized list of improvements to implement.






What we heard:

Survey Results - We heard from 374 people in the survey, which closed May 31, 2017:

Mapping Comments - People at various public meetings participated in mapping exercises to graphically show their comments:

See summaries of our past events and meetings to gather input for the study.

Outreach: Community notifications and requests for public feedback on the study.


Study Area Map
Union Corridor Study Area 2017 Map