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Become a SnowPAL

SHOVEL for a neighbor in need

Snow will soon be upon us! All residents are required to shovel their sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall ending (Ordinance By participating as a SnowPAL, you can help those who have difficulty shoveling due to illness or physical limitations.


Volunteer to shovel for neighbors needing assistance

SnowPALS is a referral program that connects volunteers with neighbors who need assistance with shoveling their sidewalks.


Two ways to get involved and be a Snow PAL

  • Identify a neighbor in your area who needs your help and set up assistance in your neighborhood
  • Join Lakewood's pool of volunteers to shovel for those in need by calling 303-987-7393 or email


We are currently accepting applications for volunteers (use the form in the links to the right).
New volunteers are required to fill out a background check (use the form in the links to the right).

Contact Information:

Direct: 303-987-7393 | Email:

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